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  1. duffman....no. Flanders.think about it, no wife. eh eh!
  2. for kabar Where i rake flicks, rural suburbs, there was a small camp with a tent and a tarp. But I walk the tracks recently and it appears the rail co came in and leveled it. It was behind some trees, but now is just trash scattered everywhere, like a bulldozer ran into the woods hunting for them. Anyways, my question is somewhat like lens's, I was wondering that if they were still there, and I wanted to meet them, could I offer them like a can of food or something, or would this seem rude? Right on the other side of them is a small river, they are in some thick woods, or were, and then tracks then backyards of houses.
  3. whatever, yea, like he said, look at things from real life, boxes, simple shit, drow it till your eyes bleed and you draw them with your eyes on the inside of you eyelids. That shading is wack, no good sense of light, but good design. Cool shadows look better if its a warm light highlights. and vice versa, warm shadows for cool highlights.
  4. if u like the caddy engine...check out that buggati and its engineering. Almost dual tranny that has next gear ready and engaged for u to shift...its got 16 cyl. and quad turbo.
  5. Gold is good! get some money, buy some. Try it before you talk. Unlike the plain montana cans which have awesome colors, gold has TONS more, the awesome oones and ones that need to be next to some others to pop. yea
  6. wheres my damn zine lush? ? ?? and congrat!!!s
  7. // yea // he probably wanted to be left alone. I knew an old guy once who did not want to get resuscitated if he went unconscious with no heartbeat or breathing. On eof the nurses got him back and he yelled at the nurse the next day. That was his thing tho. If he was gonna die, he wanted to die by himself. But no, the ambulance couldnt have done anything. Unless he was unconsciuos, to where they could have gotten his wife's consent to take him to the hospital or get medical attention. They cant just do shit without his consent.
  8. sudden fiction field guidebook to freight engines bomb the suburbs
  9. www.trains.com somewhat helpful for train watching hotspots
  10. newmark


    yea...this sucks....I lost a couple to this.
  11. I need some ideas...there are no tight females shirts, evidnence has some of the best on bombing science. Any other ideas?
  12. newmark

    German Caps

    thanks for some history!!!
  13. newmark

    German Caps

    "onesecondple maybe they didnt ever come on cans, a company just started makin them" thats what I thought
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