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  1. What's up with all this vulgarity displayed here? I find it to be quite obscene for our younger viewing audience. There should be a rating system here just like the theatres. G PG R NC-17 and XXX. This post now has to be Rated PG.
  2. Clasico now I know that originally read "Role Model email me I got a ? 4 U" HAHAHHAAHHA. Is anybody good at Jenga and or Scattegories here?
  3. Why oh why would you post there here? Damn, 5 shots from the archives now posted on 12oz. Now I'm feeling like that indian from that old 70's commercial. Damn buddy, your going to have to do some talking and fast.
  4. Since they didn't ban me like I asked after seeing this post I'll say this. Moderators, use this post as a sticky. Close down all other posts and everone can model their posts after this one. This is how it's done. This is what it's all about. Style,Quality, the whole shoot and shabang. Ah hell, why am I even saying anything, these kids will never learn. P.S. Keep on with those mini shots as well. That's the way you must do it here. 114 hits later, minus the 12 for staytuned and their at a loss for words again. But then again none of their stuff is featured so why would they bother acknowledging what has been presented to them here??? Remembering Fred "Rerun" Berry tonight. Forever poplockin'.
  5. Have I been overlooking your posts or something? You've got some good shots in here(KICKx2 with the one going right over the garbage),BUDS,HAIR,KWEST,HEAT,HM bro's,etc). There were only like 4 that I wouldn't of bothered with. What's going on in here tonight. Finally were getting somewhere. I've seen 4 solid posts. 48 hours and counting.
  6. LOL, without even seeing the second batch come up yet I can tell you this. Tomorrow their are going to be some happy campers out there. And then of course you'll have the "Hit me up if you want to trade" crowd as well. Think B&W though before you post up any more gems. To many underserving eyes around these parts of the web. Right clicked save one of these cars here, one more that I've never seen. Out of all these 3 posts how many would you say are actually your own shots? Just curious
  7. With regards to these Other streaks. Why is it that there are some who always feel the need to get into the picture as well? Go to the next rung.
  8. Magazines were cool about 7-8 years ago and now they are a dime a dozen just like videos. Plus a lot of these have already been featured in zines from that time period. I think the last magazine I looked at was some overseas New York City tribute. On The Run? How long ago was that I forgot. The only magazine that I pick up nowadays is The Enquirer.
  9. Somewhere down the line we must of crossed paths then on the photo circuit. You actually have one of my shots in here. At the same exact spot where it was done and only 2 people have the shot. Hey, if you want to play real dirty just turn them all into black and whites like I do HAHAAHAH. So everybody will have them on their harddrive but you'll be one of the few who has it in color. LOL
  10. The kind of stuff I want to see but wish it wasn't posted here because you gotta know everybody has these shots on their harddrives now. 2 good posts. Somebody was doing a lot of trading. Funny seeing some of these same pictures that I haven't pulled out of the archives in years.
  11. Pictures Number 1 and Number 2. Jeka,TDEE and the shout out to the kids. Gotta respect any Dad who doesn't forget his own. That's positive to see.
  12. Check this guy out. Now that is a post. With out a doubt the best post ever here. See my preaching about wack ass posts here does pay off. Look at the goodies this guy has brought to the table. And if you say they are all your own shots double credits.
  13. LOL, o.k. I can respect that as well, people get their feelings hurt easy here. There are a few on here that shouldn't be here and yes that was intentional.Looks like you probably already know which ones they may be. Dude, you got any pics of those names whose work you can appreciate from this post to add? Late night 10/20 edit.......And yet still they talk and not one of them posts a picture. 48 hours and counting. Moderators pull the plug on me and this post if by Tuesday night images are not added to this post by somebody else. I'm made my mark here once again. Let's see what happens once I'm gone. Will the posts continue to remain the same, or will I have left a lasting impression on the minds of many for the better and those who post crap will now see the light? Scenic Route is on the right path, he knows the difference, but he shareth to many golden oldies with this unworthy crowd. Who will walk the road of the less traveled?
  14. Dude, I can respect your reply. "Bitter"? Yes, very bitter. It's a sad state out there today. It's nothing to be jumping for joy about that's for sure. But please tell me, who did I put up on this post that is crap? Thanks for being intelligent enough with your response. When you say I post alot of crap that means there are quite a few images here that suck.
  15. Work that I feel is worth looking for and looking at. What do you think? P.S. Note to the moderators. If within 72 hours there are no other images added to this post by anyone else besides myself . Close this thread and ban my screen name so that I'll not be tempted to make any comments on anyone elses posts in the future. If they haven't got it by now their never going to get it.
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