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  1. and the seventh letter peice on the coke commercial.
  2. unfortunatly I never got to meet him but he had ill throw-ups, crazy peices, and nice tags. good luck to everyone that knew him, deffinatly a big loss. R.I.P Teaze.
  3. yea haha i seen this one that had worms, maggots and LEECHES...etc but who the fuck would buy leeches out of a vending machine, those things are disgusting.
  4. fannypack2


    Alot r.i.p CQ brizo GS roku
  5. could someone repost the link, or a diffrent one, it wont work for me
  6. that cense on the last page is dope
  7. or you could always slide her into your dresser drawer.
  8. are u guys ok over there? cuz were partying over here.
  9. condoms dont feel as good, but there so ill
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