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Dr. No

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  1. the knight isnt mine, a friend drew it in my book
  2. http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9001.JPG'> http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9002.JPG'> http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9003.JPG'> http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9004.JPG'> http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9005.JPG'> http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9006.JPG'> http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/stuff/AUT_9016.JPG'> just a bunch of flix from the lst couple weeks, meh...
  3. Dr. No

    another piece

    i did this one today http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/cemo/cemo_wild_again.jpg'> if it happens it happens
  4. sorry about that http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/cemo/cemosimple.JPG'>
  5. http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/cemo/cemosimple.jpg'> yea, i can do simple as well, just to clear up any misconceptions
  6. http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/cesnew.jpg'> my most recent piece
  7. http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/ce_throw.jpg'> i did this a little while ago on the phone book, i was bored its a one liner i made up almost on the spot
  8. Dr. No

    a piece

    i'v been writing for about a year now, it says cemo... Dr. No sounded cool when i thought about it... all well
  9. man, the third one is damn awesome
  10. Dr. No

    a piece

    http://www.limelounge.com/graffiti/cemo_gone.jpg'> heres a piece i did, and thats pretty much it....
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