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  1. Mr.


    i know this is going to suck hard, but for some reason i want to see it anyway. except, for free.
  2. do that shit, nigga! capers ARE delicious AND adventurous!
  3. this is funny to me. GUERO HERO!
  4. yeah, i don't know if that was so much resisting as the normal reactions and contortions one makes when they're in extreme pain. i'm considering starting a police observation patrol, like the panthers started with. i need to learn gun laws.
  5. Mr.


    i'm in a class about the african diaspora. you should try to check out the origin of the slaves in that country... certain places, slaves were more commonly brought from different countries or cultures in africa by the spanish... maybe puerto rico and panama have similar african roots, and thus a similar culture.
  6. Mr.

    Toys post here...

    ^forget that color, decoration, 3d, and modifications to your lines exist. i like the overall shape of the piece. your sense of motion seems like it will turn out well. but keep your lines as straight as possible. no notches, connections, decorations, or anything like that. try to avoid curves even. do as little as you can. you can add all the decorations later when you've gotten to the point of just wasting time.
  7. Mr.

    sketches - maero

    some more half assed shit from tonight's class. on the back of some david horowitz flyers i took down.
  8. i miss home movies. dude, bro, so. get this. i've bought both of the dvd's. the first one, the first disc was missing, and best buy wouldn't take it back without a receipt. i emailed cartoon network and they wouldn't do anything either. it's a cruel world.
  9. Mr.

    sketches - maero

    a couple bored in-class sketches... not my best work, but i haven't been sketching much in the past couple years. i don't like this m. not finished ugleh. i'll try to fix the links on the old ones..
  10. Mr.

    Would You Hit It?

  11. toys have gone mad in kansas city, i don't know what to think about that.
  12. just because they're black doesn't mean they look hood.
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