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  1. keep it real homie. my family knows i do. dont gotta twist my words to fit in. sorry i cant give you no more letter structure advice cause your brother went and fucked that up for you. lets keep this forum to graffiti, not legal wall dragon painters.
  2. my mans lurking on missed connections
  3. cause sedats more concerned bout the structure then the spelling! ZING
  4. Take it from your boy. I got flicks to show what I done, I got people to cosign me when I make accusations. Why aint you ever been heard of by any of the people you shouted out in your roll call? Where's your flicks of your so called illegal path of destruction you portray? Where's the remnants of anything? I don't give a fuck what crew you rep. You aint in with Pittsburgh, you NEVER will be, and that's all that matters here. So get your magnifine glass out, them lines sure our crispy. But guess what? Your not a GRAFFITI WRITER, YOUR A LEGAL MURALIST. Don't try to seperate the real from the fake. CAUSE WE KNOW. And your boy MOOD, he's took shit past graffiti. He thinks hes a gangster. Should be interesting to watch this develope.
  5. whoever wrote on that character is a fucking idiot
  6. your gonna fill up dude's hole?
  7. kid, mad, and boner holdin it down as usual
  8. that crazy dude 4ever crushin
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