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  1. im not sure of scotland exactly, but i can tell you that there is little to no scene in orkney, i went there a few years ago...its a very secluded place....no trees, fields, even in the towns there is no graffiti...but im sure scotland would have its fare share of bombing
  2. Go chase some 'brown' people around a fucking beach with your crew of drongos. Rack off mate. Quoted post Thats a bit out of order.That like some ozzie saying "go with your bnp mates and chase some asians round london". There is a lot more behind those "beach riots" than you and I know about so leave off. But I do have to say you oz lads need to hush your mouths. We dont come on your threads and chat shit do we? No...so shut up. Quoted post [/b] There was a lot more behind those riots than you guys might be aware, the lebanese are quite nasty in sydney and have a pretty bad reputation that is not entirely deserving, they beat up a life guard at the beach and it basically turned the aussie yobs and goons into a mob that went around attacking people of lebanese appearance, they do not represent the general feeling here and are a racist minority. I dont think its fair to start throwing racist slander at other aussies for what a certain isolated group has done.........you do have a point abuot aussies coming on here and being smart etc, you guys dont actually do that to us, i just think that the level of hostility should be toned down a little.......peace
  3. Good work locomotive, very nice selection of flicks there, i was feeling the saint shit for sure. love the euro action
  4. yeah im not too downs with the photo psting thing, never really known how to do it, i think that link works, but it would be good if someone could fill me in on the basics Cheers
  5. My Webpage not sure if this will work
  6. Yo sisterlove...could you help us out on some damet shit....?
  7. What up? i thought a thread should be started that could even up the number of passenger/subway trains with frieghts trains on here, the other ones are dying out so i thought i new one would be a bit motivational . ANYTHING SUBWAY/PASSENGER TRAin....worldwide, anything goes PEACE!!!! :rolleyes: :burn:
  8. **edit - we don't want spots getting blown round 'ere
  9. Mongolia is just off russia, it is somewhat a hard country to determine its actuall placement or definition of its location because russia spans through europe and asia.(obvioussly) The reason there would be european looking dudes in the flicks is because while mongolia and russia stand where they do, the main ethnic group would be caucasian and european looking, with russian-asians mainly only being predominant in the outskirts of russia where it borders with china, (chinese is the second language in these areas).....but yeah, digging the thread, something very unique and different about it, its like a time warp
  10. Fucking word Thats what im talking about!!!!!
  11. I dont believe its actually a layer of plastic that you are able the peel off..... i could be wrong here, but i believe what they are doing is only coating the side of the trains with an extra plasticy finish that means buffing is cheaper and quicker. We had this same thing put onto our trains in Melbourne when the new fleet was introduced. Its basically just a really soft shiny layer that is heaps easier to buff bcoz the paint cant actually soak all that much into the surface. They are still sweet to paint if youve got reasonable time, but with quickees you get a few drips and the paint doesnt appear to penetrate the surface all that much......at least they are not putting 8metre high brick walls around every yard topped off with mad amounts of wire, that would be a mad blow to yard possibilities........Peace
  12. Lets see some sydney skew stuff.... Can u help us out sisterlover?
  13. Of course Ny trains can be hit, you take one of the biggest systems in the world, with countless lay ups, god knows how many yards, and thousands of trains and you will undoubtedly find a slip up, you will be able to at some stage in security checks penetrate a yard and do your thing. It seems ridiculous to me that people consider NY so undoable, its so big, there WILL be some way to get around security for at least ten minutes no doubt.There are so many places and times to do it, i think Ny is very dobale compared to some of the places panels are done these days, all you need is determination and ballls ;)
  14. Anyone got any cantwo panels....? love to see some live cantwo steel
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