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  1. Deadbeat


    i seriously doubt that luke.
  2. Deadbeat


    How the fuck does this paris hilton piece look anything like a dondi bite? do you not know how many other writers do blockbuster shit out there? name all of them too you little bitch. mad. direc. goner.
  3. anyone who doesn't like what rolls outta maryland is a retard. everything lookin fresh as usual.
  4. aroe all the freak shit HOTHEAD bzee motherfuckin bump.
  5. haha hell yes. all fuckin tight. especially the spiral in the goner piece. boooyaaa !
  6. jesus fuckin christ va...fresh.
  7. Freak Rei Envys Glue Karma Billy Ray Cyrus Goner
  8. who cares...aker and sigh are fuckin sick. anyone who puts these men down can suck my white dick because they still kill shit in virginia. thats what matters--end of story.
  9. Deadbeat

    Wash DC

    that last picture is rezist...why the fuck is that on there ? his shit is stupid.
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