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  1. ^ :lol: yea, i'm never having children. ever. the thought of being pregnant and giving birth has always scared the shit outta me. how do some ladies have like 12 kids? maybe they just start fallin out after the first few.. that baby is exactly 1/5 of me.
  2. bEka

    favorite pairs

    me and mikro :love2:
  3. yes, yes you can onesecondple hahaha. whats wrong with transformer names?! yes, in 36 days
  4. bEka

    12oz Will.

    mikro: he gets pretty much everything... 181: one of my cameras and film and one of my blackbooks and art stuff onesecondple: one of my blackbooks and some money dlush: art stuff if you wear size 3 1/2 shoes, you can take 'em.. and if you want my clothes, you can take those too..
  5. mikro is gonna give birth to our children. wont he be oh so cute with a pregnant belly?
  6. when i read the title of this thread i was like "yay! i love raking leaves just to jump in the huge pile of them!" but after reading that, i dont feel like jumping in piles of leaves so much.. :(
  7. im glad i dont have facial hair. but if mikro wants to grow a beard, it's fine with me. it's his decision, not mine.
  8. yea, it really is quite impressive. i was like whoaa! :eek: haha
  9. ^ "..suck the enamel off an elephants tusk" :haha: that made my day cept i miss mikro right now :bawling:
  10. i was scared shitless duder. but it was really funny when you told me about that married lady..everyone wants mikro. haha 41 days! so little time!!!! eye heart mikro :heartbeat:
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