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  1. i thot the whole blind thing was fucked up, like i couldnt believe how sarcastic depp was being about the thing, if i were him, id have been tripping. coldly
  2. anyway else see this movie, i thot it was one of the best movies ive seen in theatres in a long time. really enjoyable. any other opinions, comments?
  3. al greens r is the ONLY one that is not completely wack in fact his isnt wack at all, the rest of your shit would be ill, if you guys were in middle school, its all fake doo dads, and wierd 3d shit, that you only percieve to be graffiti that in actuality isnt peace
  4. maine is boring, camping there is fun during the summer. other than that, its so boring.
  5. blackbooks and silver bullets k-9 unit, its your homeboy still making mullet nuns cry till the day i die ill black book shit, so stop komplaing.
  6. i used to have a dream, when i was real little, where everyone had 8 eyes, even tho it looked liek you had 2, and i poked my eyes out and it was spurting blood, and everyone was like its ok you have 8 eyeballs and this girl poked her eye out and was like look it isnt a big deal
  7. manual pads boxes quarter pipes, chill, hella shit to tag, home made, in the middle of some projects so crazy little kids with corn rows on scooters
  8. the whole kit car idea is kinda corny, like sure they look dope but if your walking around pretending and someone calles you on it you look pretty gay, and thats liek 35 thousand dollars wasted just get a dope normal car. keep it clean get a nice system, i jsut couldnt imagine myself lying about that, people would compliment me on the car, and id be like its only a kit car. like plus it would be frustrating having a car that looked fast but was really a pussy car
  9. on the daily, i can tell which one of you guys scare away girls
  10. girls always stick up for pop stars
  11. you dont have to do that i was in asuper bad mood just being an asshole
  12. its bad enough this is aforum, a dope forum, i dont normally get sucked into internet phenomenon. but please stop with the smilies, it makes me feel like im talking to 8th graders
  13. we all look like really hard graff writers when we use smilies, not... what are we graffiti writers or 13 year old girls id be made into a coke lord word up tony montana, ha just playing
  14. LoneJohnDoe


    africa isnt a country, south africa is, south africa is on the continent of africa fucktard
  15. i think all of you are missing the point of this thread... and i saw them without knowing they had done it.
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