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  1. Graff stores in NZ... Can anyone help out with finding hip-hop (especially graff related) shops in NZ? website addresses, email addresses, any info is appreciated. thanks, F. -->Props on the talent!
  2. DIRTY DEEDS #2 Yes it has finally landed, the all-dope, panel filled, graffers delight that is Dirty Deeds issue 2. The photos speak for themselves, it's a must-have. Check it at Final Outline!!:D http://www.finaloutline.com/big.jpg'> http://www.finaloutline.com/signature.gif'>
  3. some old stuff... enjoy. http://www.whitey-ford.com/imagestore/n006.jpg'> http://www.whitey-ford.com/imagestore/n007.jpg'> http://www.whitey-ford.com/imagestore/n008.jpg'> http://www.whitey-ford.com/imagestore/n009.jpg'> http://www.finaloutline.com/signature.gif'>
  4. If you're in Australia go to FINAL OUTLINE
  5. There's enough Diversity in this thread to make up for the rest of us who's pieces all look the same. Good to see sdm getting some print exposure OS ;)
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