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  1. did anyone catch a flick of the shock and skerok peices on the commuter train tracks across the river from blackfriars station in london? or any shock or skerok shit around the blackfriars area? im jsut wondering how long our stuff rode for since we were there at the beginning of july, thanks.

  2. five fingered discount niggaz


    ay, chicago kids, i got mad art supples at real nice prices, i got 24 sets of prismas for 15-20, (depdnding on if i gotta bring it your ass), 48 sets for 40, of markers an colored pencils, deco colors, art pens, pencils, and paint, spray and that other shit. baisicly i got what you need, an i take orders, so save up your allowance money, an holla at me either on here or on aim: aerosolavenger.

  3. all those sketches suck, all im saying is that solars sucks the least, and i dont say suck with hatred, its consturcive critism. and yes i am biassed, i happen to hate those kinda stlyes, you asked me to judge so im doin my job. no body is hyping up his letterform, its just the best option to chose from. i dont even relaly care, i was just asked to give my 2 cents and i did. so peeeeeace.

  4. my vizzote


    well, i think that solar has the closect thing to letterform of all 3. dont be blinded by nice colors, when you do a peice you should be able to take away every flashy color, every arrow and every connection, and still have a raw ass peice. great writers have told me that many times over. and nothing is more true. see, im one of those writers who still paint like its 1985, wear addidas with fat laces and listen to run dmc, funk style, so im kinda biased. not taht im old school or anything, but new writers think its all about curvy ass lines and weird fades that only msk can do. start simppppppple, cant stress that enuogh. so baisicly, solar gets my vote.

  5. yeah, shock UC, judging this bitch, kast asked me to, yall picked a gay word, but a true writer can rock any word. so post that shit kids. "whos shock" "ive never herd of him, why is he judging" shut up an peep the resume beyach.

  6. aerosolavenger up in dis bitch


    yo, you talk shit on our scene, go somewhere out of uptown, or maybe peep the 43 PAGES of twin cities hotness on puregraffiti, i got more tc flics than yer moms gots facial hair! why is ther so much talk about some okae dude from sf on here, so he came though and rocked some shits, hes ok i guess, stay off his nuts. if u wanna peep some real tc shits, go to puregraffiti, peace to the twin cities writers keepin shit poppin, spie, waldo, nehi, show, isk crew, shock, chap2, fails, yen34, hope, ears, kuma,6mk, nts, btr, hc, and some others


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