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  1. yeah 6 bucks, they are talking about raising it again. taxachusetts, woo!
  2. Marb Red's and Marb Lights. Smokes here in massachusetts are rising so damn high its like $6 a pack now. Not as bad as new york yet.
  3. I don't think they could ever handle the old school 'core man. Like Release, SSD, four walls falling, turning point, insted, against a wall, alone in a crowd, side by side, judge, . man the list goes on. Thats what I started out listening to. I used to steal my borthers old 7"'s and 12"'s rock out to all the old bands man. Let's bring it back to the cargoe and hoodie days and mosh it up. No more of this tight pant, and black hair stuff. I wanna see the sXe kids wearing fucking construction gloves with huge X's on them again. haaha we could only dream of that happeneing again.
  4. I agree bands do progress musically all the time. And i'm not gonna like throw grenades at them, but like you said if their jsut in it for makin' the money, then thats stupid. I mean money makes the world go round. It just makes me angry when all these new jacks come in and they have no clue of the history behind the music, the scene. You know? the roots of hardcore from minor threat to youth of today to all those great bands in the late 80's and then on. I'm not gonna live off those bands, but keep the philosophies in my brain. Gotta keep trudging forward. ahaha ohhh how cliche. but yeah.
  5. http://www.oldschoolhardcore.com/hardcorea...rchive_mp3.html check that site out. Tons of old hardcore fucking release man! where the wild things are comp. classic shit. classic.
  6. a question this is probably thee most asked question, but here it goes. How does everyone feel about the commercialization of hardcore and metal? such bands as hatebreed, i mean i only like a few of their old songs. And now jamey jasta is hosting MTV2's headbangers ball. I mean that's cool and all. But I dunno, I jsut don;t feel the same about certain bands. Like PTW, their old stuff fucking rocks, but their new cd? that was horrid. And, well in boston, i can;t speak for other scenes, every show is filled with kids who have no clue of what hardcore really means. And that question right there is a totally different subject and different to many other people. But yeah, i think it's tottaly lost its luster. Anyways enough rambling. How do you feel. ****disclaimer***** this is my opinion you can shit on it, agree or whatever. thats cool however you feel about it.
  7. a life once lost is awesome. their new album is fuckin destructive. Total mayhem. The song Maudlin is so fucking nuts thy lyrics are nuts too.
  8. I know man, in my eyes was also some good youth crew shit. and bane. but yeah if there is a show in boston, its almost impossible to et in cos the place will get sold out. most the shows that go on here are in western massachusetts and who wants to drive a total of 6 hours for a show. i mean if it was worth it then of course. All ther venues out here don;t want shows to happen anymore cos of liabilities and plus the assholes who come in the shows and don't show respect fpor the venue.
  9. good. i'm glad ensign is still around playing. they are a good band. i wish i could see them at cb's but i live in boston. blah. noone plays boston
  10. something profound Does anyone know whats going on with ensign? amazing band. Last I heard they moved to New york, is that correct? if anyone knows letme know the situation.
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