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  1. are your fists really the size of boulders??
  2. 12oz sucks, too many red xs, you all suck go to pg bitchezzzzz
  3. wow dem kumas sure are some hot shit, spel hope4 king elk kaper vegan water from much.....great post
  4. this thread is shit for representing the scene in the twin cities. this summer has been some of the dopest graffiti these cities have seen since the "enshrinable remarkable period of grafitti excellence 1994-1999." and its only getting better, so dont hate and peace to those who are doing their shit
  5. all i gotta say if your gonna talk shit to skyer prepare to get yer shit spun cuz not to many would last to long against that nigga when hes gotta couple beers in him
  6. on wisconsin on wisconisin fight on for your fame
  7. thats ears. rob deer coming correct. hit me up gannnngsta
  8. its about time hm gets a thread and hm is the dopest frieght crew ever!! post more yen nimz value kahn..real fresh and clean hit men
  9. anyone seen stuff by skuf...oh i mean slumber...hahahah if your gonna bite dont make it so obvious!!!
  10. that dude hasnt been around for a while, good to see some new stuff. 6souls hit me up
  11. fst kills, is that a new korea piece?
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