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  1. you couldnt even hit all your drop shadows, look at the A you idiot.
  2. quick, hurry, edit edit edit :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: too bad you cant edit that wack throwup bitch
  3. jump off a bridge, at least you would determine your own death, cause someone else is about to do it for you if you keep this shit up.... say word
  4. alphabetical, but its halarious, cause if you scroll up and look at the "sag" fr8, the "dans" fr8, the "Yors" fr8, they all have that serif on the S......:lol:
  5. nope, a group of them got posted alphabetically and that would explain it
  6. you dont remember? :D I am that fat bastard crackhead with a laptop you met living in the dumpster outside the yard.... I thought you might remmeber me :D :D
  7. http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/WH.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/jbueheven.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/kaye.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/much.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/rotsdeny.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/yors.jpg'> until next time...
  8. http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/police.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/sag.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/cram.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/scars.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/sigh.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/spek.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/spel.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/takt.jpg'>
  9. http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/learn.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/TOPEK.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/lewis.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/loner.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/greenthumb.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/lyesphone.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/myth.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/onorok.jpg'>
  10. http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/conrail.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/coupe.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/coup.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/BOZO.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/21rak.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/yukonjack.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/cycle.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/chance.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/3/evil.jpg'>
  11. Re: f@tbastard thats funny, i never tried fat bastard, i went right for the fat @, guess i will just make another name
  12. thought you guys might like to see these too.... http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/nace.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/zeph.jpg'>
  13. if you could only see all of my stash...LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/kerokuhr.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/natrl.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/nopetre.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/notsure.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/other.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/page.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/soeone.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/twist2.jpg'>
  14. some more fr8s from whenever..... http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/fear1.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/cense.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/diel.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/emer.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/esel.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/estemer.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/faves.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/iksoe.jpg'>
  15. http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/tracks.jpg'> some 94, 96, & 97 classics... http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/haze94.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/kekbig5.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/fear2.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/twist.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/krash.jpg'> http://www.silentwrytes.com/fr8s/2/petro.jpg'>
  16. I am very confused after looking at the pictures in this thread. My eyes went from some dope twister shit to some cheezy cheap bathroom tags...:confused:
  17. now this shit I enjoy, cause he is obviously thinking way before he goes out. sometimes i feel like people dont even think anymore.
  18. i am definately feeling this thread, good idea, and nice nice artwork up in chere....
  19. I had to save that Pier truck for my personal collection. That to me is graffiti at its finest. I miss clean hollows. since when did autoraks become legal? if peeps find a dope spot, props to them.....
  20. i like stock caps and rougher lines, some nice fr8s up in there
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