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  1. i recenlty shot one in the neck and then its smashed it baby into a tree
  2. everyones favourite wu tang track?
  3. whats the piont of this thread? are you after sympathy ?
  4. those badgers have soft cocks
  5. you forgot the 'mitten' approach wrap your hand like a mitten and go crazy!!!
  6. Alll nice the 4th one down looks like a atom crossed with the style that kilo7 pionted out....
  7. some people who are HIV positive dont die......
  8. check out AMUSE from sydney, i feel he deserves his own thread http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/Amuse-panel1.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse004.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse005.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse006.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse009.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amusenine%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuselb.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amusefour%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse7.jpg'> http://nuclearhosting.org/ths/pics/amuse5%5b1%5d.jpg'>
  9. i nicked myself shaving this morning but i wasnt drunk
  10. whats the piont of watching a STAGED fight ? and i dont want to hear any shit about them be noble athletes either
  11. http://www.alligator.org/edit/news/issues/01-fall/images/nsync5.jpg'>
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