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  1. Deja on mushrooms...can someone please go over that?
  2. I met Jome at the Hole (rip) and he was wearing aluminum foil wrapped around his head.
  3. i have to agree with crushkill, either a worker dissed that enue or someone really needs to work on their handstyle
  4. not trying to hate, but frost may need to write nekst a royalty check for that one.
  5. hey metal, is that trife-metal-chip-cold movie wall running?
  6. can somebody explain to me why he is so dope? http://fototime.com/F18EBA105BE14D0/standard.jpg'> for the record im not chip, i know there was some confusion because i posted a bunch of chip pieces.
  7. @thedrivein

    low seratonin

    bump for cafe, i met that kid in my travels and he was really cool. he's put in some work for a young guy, i'd keep an eye on him.
  8. chip #7, well done indeed!
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