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  1. 2-0-sicks

    Graff Movie

    hey man i tried to peep this movie at the seattle international film festival but i didn't get around to it, can you tell me more about the movie? I hope it's not a gay film like that one movie the graffiti artsit
  2. Cope 2 of course, that guy really only does throw ups (and he's fat, i'll give him props for that) Puzle seek sole
  3. people have and always will be writing the same old shit. I am sure you could come up with new and more original names, but cats like dose, syco, flame, and other wack shit.
  4. man the craziest shit i've seen in the last month was a crazy crack bitch taking her clothes off on market st. in san francsico, then getting decked in the face by some home dude. That shit was mad funny.
  5. man i am hoping that this movie makes graffiti artists not look like fucking faggots that tag on windows with mean streaks like in the "Graffiti artist" fuck that was the queerest movie i have ever seen, i am ashamed that i know one of the characters in the movie!!!!!
  6. man i will never stop bombing i am going to be painting untill i can't walk anymore, i'll be the illest grandpa in the city!!!
  7. 2-0-sicks


    every all girl crew i have ever met have been either dumb graff hoes or straight bitches. There is a Lost Kats crew in seattle that are all fuckin ass holes, no one likes them. There is also Vida Locas, I don't them too well but they don't get up. Girl crews really need to apply themselves better. you should call your crew: tits: two in the shirt (even though there already is a tits crew) AHEG: all hotties eat the gizz!!!! OTR: on the rag!!!!!!!! ok i'll stop bad mouthing the ladies, because i know i love them anyway.
  8. seattle's beef has diminished. only gay crap goes on. we need some real killer beef i want to see some dead bodies on t.v. and men crying like little girls. i think someone should have real beef and let me peep it. i'd like to see some toy ass writers go at it head to head. and kill each other so our world can be a happier place.
  9. Re: Re: in these cold winter months i like my head in my ass Damn!!!!! i agree with you 100%, Angel 179 is fuckin chronic. i like my women thick too bro. i met those other girls, aybe and eloms they are the fuckin biggest bitches i have ever met, they tryed to slice my homegirl because she was talking to Nc 17's boyfriend. so now i always hack those dumb ass girls. I mean no disrespect to Angel 179, because she is fine.
  10. pretty much any name now a days has already been taken or is taken, and any new name you think is original i bet you someone has already thought of it and has written it. so just write what you want to write
  11. damn seattle has to much beef just because of gay shit like that it makes me want to hide in a tunnel and paint there all by myself for the rest of my life. these people you have beef with are probably way more respectable than you because half of the people you listed i never have seen them hack any of the crews you speak of. and i happen to know a few of the people you have listed.
  12. dude don't be so hard on yourself everyone was a toy at one point and we all had to practice to be good so just -keep it up
  13. it really depends on where i am painting at usually i can take my time and get a nice piece done in under 50 mins but i can take my time still being careful and allowing enough time to run if i need to.
  14. 2-0-sicks


    everyone says the same people but i think some of the sickest writers are diam, hesh, blade and hella old school writers.
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