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  1. f2 i think its about time for a comeback
  2. HORFE for u big name jockers ...is the fuckin style innovater roids has taken more than a few bits from his style
  3. we still love u though eatso lets get that texas roll call goin az boys arsen gater blah kai bens token avelo grader rauds path omes osirus ours soke paso erkl soy bonk iner adik sler
  4. andd attn if eatso put u in this crew hes delerious hes lucky to still be in this crew at all so if he tells u your in tell him hes out
  5. thats epik itd boston ...cool kid
  6. cuate and token are Ugly Kids for ever...
  7. katsu is the homie fool keeps extinguishers by the dozens


    that vida shit looks hurt ...sorry dog have some of the homies kick u down some outlines
  9. ewok is obviously the originator of the current msk style ..it all started with rimes exchange when they officialy made it ok to pillage styles... fortunately ewok manages to continue to innovate, and to add to the current debate hes the best in msk
  10. stop all forms of perversion and homosexuality hahahaha fool is the true west coast king....big ups.
  11. all u gotta do is name a spot homie we need more footage for war5 anyhow....siez hahaha hahahah hahaha toys cant paint so they go the tough guy route ......ill see ya when i see ya square
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