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  1. dising all soon OK!!tuff guy,your shit is gonna get ragged!!!!!!! not today or tomorrow maybe next week but your shit is getting ragged.as long as you write my misson is to take you down,thats for talking shit on the net!!!!!Iam not gonna reply to you anymore Iam just gonna do what as to be done!!!!!!!!:mad:
  2. your right DEMER,its not worth it,Iam so sorry but I still gotta dis your peices,you fucking toy what do think Iam gonna be shook,you have no idea!!!who your fucking with,I could be right next to you and you will have no idea,think about that!!!
  3. ragged!!!!!! Thats it ,I gave you a chance and you blew it,all your shit will get ragged!!!!give me just 2 weekends,and your shit would be gone!!!!!HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
  4. Look toy,who ever the fuck u are ,mind your neck!!!!:mad:
  5. the truth hurts u say u wana battle Demer well bring it,better yet lets battle for your name!!!keep talking shit,and maybe your wake up to see yor wack ass peices raged!!!!!!:mad:
  6. the truth hurts I don't think Themo is wack but I do think his style is bit from TM7 niggas and SNOW!!!!but on DEMER that nigga shit looks fucking hurttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!no style at all!!yo DEMER is or is it DEMMER,shit I forgot theirs two of yous,please tell MUSE to help you get some kind of style.like I said you peices are fucking up the walls you guys are doing!!!
  7. Iam not hating you painted the hall of fame becase of muse,you are where you are because of him,and iamm not playing my self by saying WALLNUTS is realy about MUSE&FREE%
  8. the truth hurts your only down becase of muse,thats the reason why,2 years ago you was fan and still is !!!!:lol:
  9. i guess I guess T KID felt sorry for u,and yes i seen that wall i was there,your peice fuck up the flow of it!!!!!! let me stop cause the shit could gat ugly if you know what i mean!!!:mad:
  10. stop it toy like i said get some style,i see you don't hook up TNB i wonder why????????:lol:
  11. just sayins the truth look demer 1st get some styles or maybe you should ask muse to give you one.2nd keep away from the blues their plenty of colors out there.and last stop hooking everyabout and mamas up in your peices this is the year2003 not 1985.and try to paint clean,cause your shit looks sloppy!!!!
  12. not hating iam not hating demer
  13. yo DEMER,the thing is,I read a post that u put saying how u and COPE bombed,but I never seen u and COPE bombing together!!!on that post u came off like a dick,talking mad shit that your king.and u din't stop cause i seen some shit u did like 3 years ago,so cut the bull!!!!Like I said is who u paint with!!!!and your not even down with wallnuts!!WALLNUTS is abouy fr8s not legal walls.WALLNUTS is MUSE and FREE5 those boys killed the fr8s,so DEMER please wake up!!!!!!!!peace to MUSE,FREE5 WALLNUTS kings of fr8s
  14. 1st Iam hating on Demer,yes u roced in the80s,but u came off like your some king,and your not.Yes u did your thing back in the days,but where was u 2 years ago?if it was not for who u paint with,u would be a nobody.Look playa just step up to your game,because the shit not looking pretty!!!!!and keep off the fucking bluesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!peace to rest of the Wallnutscrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. yo DEMER you talk shit that u are king but 1st go and get some styles!!! you done like 5 walls(and only 3 of those are nice)and u think your the shit!yes u roced hard in 80sbut step up your game playa your in a new ballgame!!!!!!!!
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