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  1. dope ass thread ... this shit is really awesome,,, keep this shit goin lataz
  2. yeah im a cop... you have no rights to talk cuz your fucking stupid
  3. yall are fuckin dick face albino cock sucking monkeys sitting behind a computer screen talkin shit.. fags... noone answered my question.... who here is from the westside part of town hit me up on aim k4v335h.... theres no tag around my part of town..
  4. there any indian writers on here? lolz.... god man that purple thong chick looks fine, i bet you 80% of the guys that come to this thread just come here to look at the pictures to beat their meat too... its sad but true.... maybe im part of the 80% lol reppin them gandhi boiz from htown
  5. anywyas man theres no tags up on the westside part of town, hmm around briarforest , westheimer? man around westsidehighschool? any writers from there hit me up on aim k4v335h if you from that area or know anythin thanks
  6. YOUR SHIT IS WEAK DOG.... the colors dont go together... plan what colors look good together first on a different sheet of paper then color ... just think a lil bit ... ur letters are ok but keep practicing...same with ur 3d... get some better markers.. prismas maybe?
  7. foo ur story is just like mine except a little different.. i have always doodled my name and wasnt to aware of graffiti back i say back then 6 , 7th grade.... till i got tohighschool ... ive been going to private school so i wasnt exposed to this hip hop culture as much but highschool hit [public school] graffiti became more familar and i am freinds with bboys at my school so im in to this hiphop i didnt really start getting serious till the like last couple months of my freshman year and i draw all the fuckin time and practice.... im also a sophmore just like you..... but i dont have a mentor , but i have a freind that writes and he tries to kinda help me but i dont need reallly help its just straight practice,... and you pretty good for a beginer just like me,,, me and you are like the same, just the story slightly different but ya know just felt sayin this
  8. nomak gimmie your aim or hit me up .... k4v335h lata
  10. who here lives around the westisde of houston, any tags around there?, anyone from westside high schoo? reply back
  11. make your shit readable
  12. that is true just experiment around and see what u get
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