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  1. Well that's blatantly obvious. Next time think beforehand.
  2. I think if I took a dump in my bed and took a picture I would get a better response.
  3. Hi, I'm from Canada. Before this post I didn't like Texas. Now I think I'd like to go there. Way to go, champ.
  4. all I know is if you use a password to access sed account, take it off. And delete all other accounts on the computer. All of them. Hell delete your own, see what happens.
  5. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/theclap2004/river.jpg'> river
  6. I think some people are over analysing, all I see is money going towards a good cause. In fact I think it would be great if everyone was wearing one of these things, it only means more money.
  7. HOODRAT FOR PLANE, and I beleive that's 5 (actiouly it's six now thanks to my slow posting)
  8. thank you for all the votes. And thank you hoodrat, I really enjoyed that you tried to do somehting a bit different then the norm. anyone else down for another battle?
  9. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/theclap2004/crack.jpg'> i dont color very attentively, all the little white spaces looks so shabby
  10. Oh I didn't think yo've done it before, I was just trying to think of a random word we could agree on. Just makesure whatever you do is in ink and I will be happy. Mine will have color in it.
  11. OK, I was looking at your "quote" at the bottom of your post, so how about the word crack? or cracker?
  12. I like to doodle random words, anyone want to battle?
  13. Re: Gumper I've hated absoutely everything you've ever posted, but this gumper lettering job is absolutely perfect. Just ignoring the coloring those letters are perfect.
  14. So I’m graduating from school this year (High school) and we have this tradition of the grad car rally. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it basically involves doing a whole bunch of stupid stunts to win points and wow the judges. Now we’ve completed the list given to us and we need to do more stunts we can make up for bonus points. So I’d appreciate it if anyone can suggest some dumb, naked, and mostly humiliating things we can do around town. Think of that show Jackass, it’s basically like that. We’ve already tattooed somebody and streaked at about every place possible… suggestions?
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