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  1. its still there. just underneath. Quoted post [/b] Looked like a buff... then a Cask 640 HTF throw and now...
  2. he got kicked out for having an unbelievably wack style(baby shit). plus he got the living shit beat outta him by Revok Quoted post [/b] I dropped AWR in 1997 cause Fate started hella beef with ICP and got all me and Bles' shit dissed. Later, MSK started beef with me over a broken window. R hit me in the back of the neck with a bike lock. Blah blah blah. Post some pictures on your fucking thread.
  3. All these nasty comments... Now my feelings are hurt.
  4. You should get out of SF more kiddo. I do plenty. And I'm not a crew.
  5. Hmm... What happens when someone disses your shit.... Do you jock? Stroke their ego? Oh hell no... You cap them suckas. diss and get dissed. rest in piss.
  6. K I L 'n fools Learn up on yer history.
  7. Suckaz jock my spots. Diss and get dissed. Rest In Piss Bitch.
  8. kept1


    7 years to the day Jon, you are still missed. Keep bombing.
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