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  1. I'd suggest joining a street art forum then... Or taking your camera and walking around the street...
  2. Heaps of shit. Pm me il.let you know what.i got.
  3. Getting rid of all my graff mags and movies. Got a fairfew of each . Cheap as shit or trade for .... Pm if interested il let you know exactly whT I got. Shit lile all dirty.deeds death from anove terror.fabulous, 70km , ari llery, subway net, h
  4. where was that sever done at. i assume it was from 7 or 9 years ago. seeing as how old photos are being posted I'll pull up a few more and try and get some others of the other machines.
  5. dopes

    Batlefield 3

    man im shit at computers but im stuck at the bit where you shimmy up a building with a mate and jump through a window and some cunt comes to you from a toilet and you gotta stab him but i just never can do it its fucking frustrating.... ijust keep dying. ive pretty much given up on it. oh and given up on mw3 because steam is fucking wak and wont let me play.... so im stuck doing survival mode single player. i just switched from a mac to a pc so i can play these games and ive been cunted bad. its fucked.
  6. dont know if i stole this from but fucking fresh piece, people post photos.
  7. fuck where are the photos at? heres a couple. nothing new but dont think they've been posted before.
  8. jig is a definate winner. so funky.
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