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  1. azboe, i dont know what u write but if it is azboe wheres your graff at? its all good having an internet rep, but what good is it if you cant paint?
  2. rather than shutting down this thread, why dont they ban you.
  3. anyone know off paint shops in geneva? if so please om me...
  4. im liking this thread, good idea. heres a little contributation.
  5. same old manz chatting ish, no pics now its all gay youtube vids at least post some graff you wasters
  6. hahahah bristol graff vid, what a bunch of silver spooned twats and dreadman go get a real crew to rep hahahahahahah
  7. na burn that carry on dotcom, go for gold mang................
  8. some good chrimbo shizzz still check what i stumbled accross............ 05 and before, all the best pics (stolen) from - urbansubversion.co.uk
  9. those black and white pics are off the hook, would like to see some more classic styled pictures bon rocking it - mad fills money tho a few olds / randoms and possibly reposts.... sorry for nothing new
  10. yeah pics are always better than nothing, still big up that kush and ckone thats how letters are done hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. lase


    hell yeah KUMA big, got damage, style, colour, street, tracks and trains. hell where's kuma been my whole life, never seen him/her before then again i am in the uk lol still kuma hits it hard and im also liking raels, the name moose and this cecsy even though as many said its not the clearest but blates mostly says ces if im not mistaken few images all stolen of that cecsy link and google images haha just for confirmation surly this says cecsy - and this 1 ces - anyways bk to king kuma and finally i love this van mang probz all been
  12. im in france now people so i doubt ill be doing any updates for a while enjoi
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