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  1. On a whole dif note. HAPPY BDAY SPORTS R.I.P BROTHER.
  2. my fav marker at the moment full of grog with added brake fluid dot 4 and 3 ( couple of teaspoons of eeach ) and pottasium permanganate ( mix all this up outside the sealed container cos it lets of gas with some shit...ive had a kiwi twist and shine blow up in my hand after i added this with a million other nasty things in it )....def adds a purple sheen to it but mix in warm water first then add so the crystals desolve..also adds to the staining power big time i reckon...not to much though. made some silver oil based paint/krink whatever you call it, added the most expensive permananent looking purple die/ink aquired from a posh art supplies....put it in this thing my mate gave me..anyone seen them before? im in australia. looks like this now though thanks for all the great info to the peeps who have put towards this and the ink thread, ive read a fair bit of them recently...inspired me to join and post up.
  3. Read Marching Powder by Rusty Young...Its about a guy who gets locked up in prison in San Pedro for smuggling. He starts running tours in the prison and all sorts, really good read. The book wasnt meant to be even written because of what it exposes...Bolivia is a crazy place.
  4. Some doctors do just hand out scripts willy nilly, not much experience with ritalin....you could get pescribed 12 5mg dexamphetamine tablets a day where i grew up if you tried...not to be fucked with and i dont recomend anyone to go on them, mostly no good comes out of it at the end of the day, it depends on the person you are of course.
  5. not really a night owl.....dusk phoenix.... sup from the scot of the land first post on this thread... get ta sleep ya mentalist
  6. he had an original mind....great style of writing that took hold of people at the time and still till this day.....read hells angels and rum diary's...its not all about fear and loathing. pce.
  7. really...if you read that book, its a cunt of a job to put that into film...i thought it pulled it off pretty well.... and yes ether is still about...met some student hunter s copycat with a bottle of it at a afterparty....big brown lab jug, oooft...sit back down! rip hunter s :king:
  8. right now...madlib shades of blue....before lost idol dough beats...early morning listening :chicken:
  9. i recomend these and surrounding areas such as barcelona ( very dope city as long as your "wise"), amsterdam( same goes here ) , dublin ( can be pricey ), glasgow ( easy access to the rest of uk and cheaper to live brilliant atmosphere and not in england < no offense btw.... great city :king: ) hope this helps
  10. deposit


    some new throw im working on
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