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  1. every news site has a different story... one way or another RIP.
  2. yoooo, bring em all back. i cant see nuthin'.
  3. the art of storytelling dvd should be out real real soon... lots of highways, bombing, clean trains, freights, yada yada 100% illegal. it has apes, zephyr, muse, met, eye, navy8, chip, fatso, sectr, lions, kemos, next, NACE, newa, okae, too much to name really. ill post more info as i get it.
  4. ive always been fascinated by mia's in asia. out of the thousands missing, how many were still alive after the war? how many remained in prison camps and for how long? is it even possible that there are still american GI's in asia, either still captive or living free unwilling to return home... or is that a wive's tale made up by veterans living in the past unwilling to accept their buddy's fate. anyway, rip and thanks.
  5. recycled from other threads... neckface in tokyo san francisco new jersey
  6. kelly osbourne is rocking an obey hand bag and i saw some little nerdy japanese kid wearing a neckface shirt. its total get-over like it or not. its building something out of nothing... or just ridiculous humor. neckface as we speak is getting over on all of you.
  7. maybe. yo gambler...help me out with this post. i dont have shit here.
  8. you talk alot of shit for someone ive seen 1 (count it... one, uno,) illegal piece from.
  9. some very old, some somewhat new. mostly mine. some may have even been posted before, but im bored at the workplace. i'll post some more later
  10. bump for nsf and a shit load of other friends. a huuuuge fuck you to the the biggest toy in jersey, the rat LIL. look at that totally unneccessary star over that old tsa. fuckin fag.
  11. will someone please hook this shit back up like powerbait?
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