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  1. dark_poetry


    I hate airbrush...markers and cans are ye tools not some fucking airbrush thing.
  2. I don't know if he is a cop or not, But the way he asks IS suspicious.
  3. I will go sneaky away till somebody have get that corpse away.
  4. dark_poetry


    post flix of this sahl i never heard about him yet.
  5. I like 2 scetches of you. simple but good style,the others are crap.:crazy:
  6. HELL YEAH!!!!! daylight busses backjumps. I have respect for this,i did this kinda things to a time ago.:cool: :cool:
  7. I lost my book once allmost,i gave it to someone i had beef with later. A half year later some other wrtier gave it back.:D
  8. JA=THE SHIT!!!!!!:king: thanks for this story,i ve printed out everything!
  9. And here is my S http://picserver.student.utwente.nl/getpicture.php?id=267381'> Like it?
  10. Pffffff We are not fucking retarted!
  11. some thing with tits then:crazy:
  12. Some nice flixx!!! Inever was in L.A but maybe i bring it a visit over a couple of years.
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