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basil fawlty

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  1. Re: Animals e2e i saw a loads of animal farm stuff on the motorways around liege, props!
  2. http://www.iol.ie/~eiresol1/forum/smiddy/gwancctv.jpg'> peterborough represent!:D
  3. http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/4.jpg'> http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/5.jpg'> a couple of flicks at various stages.
  4. http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/1.jpg'> http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/2.jpg'> http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/3.jpg'> bored shitless..........:(
  5. should have tried leeds random snowball fights with complete strangers and a mad bastard walking round with a roman candle that sounded like a sawn off shotgun!:lol:
  6. ha ha ha, all so true. http://grazinginthetrash.fuckthebuff.com/12oz/000_0011.jpg'> cheers.
  7. there is no way im telling him shit. she's making it worse by saying she wants to be with me, im scared she's gonna blab it out during a fall out. *flatmate = someone im living with, there are 6 of us living in our flat.
  8. i know it sounds weak and is no excuse, i was trashed, she kept making to moves. im lazy i cant be fucked with drama and arguments, it was a mistake, i just hope they go there seperate ways and it all gets forgotten about. yeah im a cunt.
  9. erm, ive gone and got into a bit of a shitty situtation. following a weekend of excess i've ended up sleeping with my flatmates girlfriend. ive really messed up,my flat mates a nice guy and i would consider his girlfriend a good freind, so we've agreed to keep it between ourselves and not say anything about it to anyone. but this morning she i awoke to about 5 messages on my phone saying how she wished we were together. its really eating me up and im not sure what to do.:(
  10. if you've got a girl you best be hoping she aint cheating. sunshine and stormy weather, love you forever.........:(
  11. we once had german exchange student called adolf in our year. "dont mention the war" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. a mixed bag today. blak twang - red letters david macallum - the edge ronald stein - pigs go home misfits - hybrid theory ramones - the kkk took my baby away cappo - the looniest
  13. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/olsg.jpg'> literally an ol' school shirt. oh the memories :lol:
  14. oh not forgetting the unstopable mr jeff metal!
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