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  1. -Read the post below. Dont bring other peoples bizness on here. Europe
  2. looks like Sydneys going off.are these all new
  3. SunraA


    different?? what about UK's legend ELK
  4. SunraA


    nuff running round in circles. someone post more flicks of his stuff. at the end of the day thats all we want to see. less bitching more flix'in!
  5. BUMP. seen Phibs put him a bit and always wondered who he was. good to see some peices to match the name. these are dope! BUMP
  6. SunraA


    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A red hot Aussie go. you are an idiot ivo. you have been bitching about him not doing anything and suddenly you have photos of a wholecar in sydney. so now you do know hes done something........................................ chintz stayed with Lenone and atome in sydney and NO he did not do 22 trains in 14 days. we were there in the middle of it. atome took him everywhere and when loomit came back here he was straight up about how much atome had done and as for getting put down with dope writers and dope crews -wow you must be thinking all these people are all dicks to put someone down "cause he says hes done this and that". do you really think Mode2 did a ATOME peice because atome told him he did alot of steel. Do you think he got put in TFP because he "told" them stories. the more i read what you write the more you its all clearer and clearer. this isn't about atome - its about you not liking him. 1 minutes hes done nothing.next minute hes done something but its not enough. whatever dude whatever. atomes dope and your petty "he dosnt do steel wheee wheee whhhheeeee" is now laughable.
  7. SunraA


    Re: Re: Re: A red hot Aussie go. the whole point is who said he was a king in the first place. hes never said it and we have not read it in his interviews. when we talk with guys like Puz and sevn they have the utmost respect for him. im sure they will state this anytime to anyone. PacDread always said "dudes don't know how much Atome's actually done cause hes just so quite.Reach WCA seen alot ask him. Lenone from Boney & Stoney showed us a aztek chintz loomit whole car in sydney on one of those double decker steel trains they have so we know hes done more than what you even can imagine.i can only refer to his interviews and in them he states straight up that hes been lucky to meet some of the people he has and formed some of the friendships he has. obviously hes taken for who he is. his style burns and you just don't get put down with dope crews and dope people if you are a wack dude. thats the bottome line. - Removed more namedropping. Europe
  8. SunraA


    Re: A red hot Aussie go. blah blah blah some say they have seen trains under different names and alot of them. some say they havn't. whos to really know. Sevn RCF told us about piles of trains Atome did in New York that he saw himeself. i aint seen any of them printed in mags and we see most mags that come in. ive actually only seen a handfull of trains by him even in Europe. but i sure as hell believe someone like sevn RCF anyday before someone on the net saying "has he this and has he that". When we talk with anyone whos been in the scene in Sydney longer than the 90's they all talk about different names he used. maybe it was at a time when most of you weren't even doing this maybe it was so under the radar that you are confused into thinking hes only wrote 1 name his whole life. as for sending fliks to all the mags for fame the only 2 names that we have always seen in mags is cope2 and bates and as for kings anyone who has a brain will see straight through someone if they talk shit claiming this and that. people who don't know him seem to think hes out there stomping the pavement with a robe. others that do talk of a quite little dude that just gets on with it. ive never read or heard from anyone first hand that he thinks hes a king and at the end of the day all said and done birds of a feather stick together. - Dont drop peoples names!!! Europe
  9. Askew keep it going mate and use it all roller paint spray paint anything that covers and gets the message across. we just got a massive explosion of stencils here and its getting wild with people now using anything they can get their dirty little hands on so use glue if you have too spray guns air guns all of it. The bigger the better
  10. happy to be conversing with you for real. im understanding more and more about it so thats a gtood thing even if im pissed as a fart right now. um kasino yeah he didn't invent the hollow letters he got that from a new york writer and built on it. he said that in a interview he did. i think wane cod or sent / noah tfp. im surprised to hear you are friends with dmote very surprised he was here recently in the shop talking lets just quite negatively about you being in his crew SUK and must be open season if they are letting everyone in but then he talks alot of shit. we're waiting for him to openly admit PARIS DMA taught him everything he know but lets not get into that guy and keep it positive keep going strong mate
  11. i like it. someone was talking about him in Obese the other day and until now i havn't really seen too much of his stuff. i like it i like it i like it how do you pronounce it smoooo or shmoooooo?
  12. P.S Hollow letters 3D or not thats a style KASINO (dmotes partner) has been doing for years bruz
  13. That IS refreshing to read. makes me look at your art a little differently now having some background on it all. BUMPITYBUMP for takin the time to explain where you are at and where you are comeing from. maybe it is a big conincindence with the SCIEN and KLOR grafik design elements in your latest wall above. you would have to agree if you checked out their site for the similarities in edging and shapes though. Maybe its a grafik designers style or a style circulating in grafik design circles or maybe im drinkinmg way too much burben and Yeah BUMP BUMP for that guy WOW thats for sure
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