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  1. (I thought the thread was about us doing little kid shit NOW) but since we're also mentioning shit we did when we were younger: Haha this reminded me of a time that I completely forgot about up until now. Back before anyone had whips, it was all about patrolling the block and smoking L's. So we were walking around, had just finished puffin' and we stumbled upon some kind of sports practice on a big field - I want to say that it was Lacrosse. It must have been multiple teams or age groups because there was a LOT of fucking people. A good distance back from the field and out of the direct vision of them were ALL of their shoes and bags. There was literally 60+ pairs of kicks. all sitting together. So we each ran up and pissed on/in a bunch of shoes, then started throwing the shoes on a nearby roof like wildfire. Within minutes we had ruined and/or roofed like 30+ fuckin' pairs of kicks and other miscellaneous shit then bounced with the quickness. It's no wonder I've been faced with so many problems in my life, we were fucking assholes! Literally through ages 11-17, before I learned to respect karma, the daily mission consisted of pushing the limits on what fucked up shit we could do to people. We'd walk around in broad daylight lighting mailboxes on fire and kicking people's side-view mirrors off. And once I found a huge bucket of tar in the back of a white truck and proceeded to soak the entire vehicle in tar. LOL ugh thank god I redeemed myself hardcore or I'd probably be dead, but every so often I definitely get fucked over and I know it's the karma from all that shit here to collect debts.
  2. A week or two ago I was annoyed as fuck about something at work. I went to take a piss and as I was standing there I got a flashback to elementary school when niggas would throw wet toilet paper all over the walls/ceiling. So for nostalgia I grabbed a huge glob of TP, wet that motherfucker and Doc Holiday'd that shit right at the wall. It splattered all over like someone just got their brains blown out by a Mossberg. I couldn't help but giggle uncontrollably for a few seconds looking at what I had just done and then I went about my business as usual.
  3. I'd save up every penny and invest that shit so this has a positive impact on your future. And maybe you can talk him into leaving you madd lucci. $$
  4. Dudes must sit here sniffin' ballgames and puffin' dipsticks all night on some phantom shit. The chatter on the last few pages is embarrassing. Props to the cats posting quality visuals.
  5. I already got 2 months on ya'll and don't feel like shaving. =) I call it the Philly beard. Freeway has me beat, although 2 winters ago I had Freeway status.
  6. My mom got me into good coffee and I don't fuck with no dirt. Motherfuckers make Chock Full O' Nuts at work and I'm just chock full O' laughs at the dirty shit water they are sucking down just to save a few bucks per pound. We were getting our shit from Gevalia for 11 years but we just fired them because their customer service is asscrack. We ordered a bunch of shit from Boca Java and this other small place in Oklahoma called Coffee Coffee. The Boca is pretty good, we just got the Coffee Coffee shipment in today which I will be trying shortly. I love all kinds from all parts of the world. As long as it is smooth and has very low acidity and a full flavor I'll fuck with it. It doesn't take that much extra to drink good coffee. Once you swill some fire on a daily basis you could never touch a glass of Folgers that's like smoking laced brick pack weed when you can get some kush for 10 bucks extra.
  7. I'm thinking of trying out rolling them shits. Anyone recommend some good menthol tobacco? Or can I just buy regular flavor but also get filters with menthol in them like them Camel jawns?
  8. I was feeling somewhat creative and decided to spice up my flick of burrleetos and space weed. \
  9. Whats good with Mexico? Can I go there and buy a bunch of Suboxone and bring it back? I'm tired of insurance companies and doctors sucking me dry - I will seriously go to Mexico if I can get a ridiculous amount of Subs for dirt cheap and not get knocked bringing that shit back. If I have a legitimate script for them in the US would that help?
  10. I had TERRIBLE anxiety my whole life. It was mostly social anxiety, with a bit of depression here and there. It's slowly gone away over the past couple years and I've now been free from the grasp of it for a while. I'll still get it a tiny bit if something fucked up is going on in my life but I no longer fear interaction with any kind of humans. Things that helped me get over it: 1. Got a job at Home Depot as a cashier when I was 17 or 18. It was a very high volume store. Having to interact with thousands of strangers on a daily basis REALLY helped me out. 2. Deep thought and meditation to sort of re-wire my mind to think differently. I referred to the fact that nobody is any better than anyone else and there should be no reason to give a mother fuck what anyone thinks or says about you. Once I realized I own my world and I'm whatever I want to be and can do whatever I want to do, I just stopped caring about petty stuff. 3. Stay busy. I noticed once I got older and wasn't spending a lot of time doing nothing, that in turn took away the time my thoughts could potentially wander off into bad areas and kept me more relaxed. 4. Don't allow things to happen that you know will make your anxiety bad. Some of us sabotage ourselves. We know if we don't complete a certain task or if we allow a certain thing to happen, that we're going to be bugged out and anxious but somehow we allow it to happen and then freak out. Take precautions to avoid things that cause you anxiety.
  11. I'da been running through the woods naked kicking trees over and rambling about being a "golden god." Also, I can't think of any exaggerated stories at the moment.
  12. Fucking movie is great. I like when she makes the razor out of a tooth brush and slashes dem nurgas. When I first saw it I was pretty young and I remember fantasizing about her holding her razor to my throat and fucking the shit out of me. LOL
  13. I watched it once to see how they could possibly turn guys picking scrap metal out of vacant lots and construction sites into a TV show and well...they can't. Next it's going to be "Pizzaman" .. "Everyone tune in next week to see Leonard deliver a stromboli to the bad side of town!" Fucking god man it's getting easier and easier for me to potentially realize my dreams of immaculate wealth if people buy into and are entertained by shit like this.
  14. I just don't get where she says he called her a HOPA but then spells the acronym HPOA? If anything ditch the dyslexia and pronounce it Aych-Poe then.
  15. Memento* And yes it was.
  16. My back is terrible from many stupid decisions as a kid that I never sought medical attention for. I copped a memory foam bed and ever since then my insomnia went away, I sleep like a baby and my back doesn't hurt nearly as bad.
  17. Re: B.o.B AKA more hate on the mainstream hipster rappers. I gave Consequence a shot but he said "hot like heatin' pads" I'm pretty sure which makes me facepalm unless I misheard. But SP is my mans so shout out to him. Although, it's nothing compared to Wayne saying "I'm hot like light." That was the day I dismissed all allegations of him being anything more than mediocre. Now, Pusha T from Clipse is dropping some solo street shit so I advise ya'll mafuckas to grab that if you want to have one of the best releases of 2010 or quite possibly THE best. I think all it really depends on are what the beats are like but so far so good. Pusha T - Bidding War Freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQjR-DHOpOY Pusha T - Dearly Beloved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDMVYQm8vzw It drops Sept 14th, same day as Kanye, Consequence, and Kid Cudi.
  18. I had high hopes and the movie started off very well. Then it started taking a nose dive for me around midway through and finally the last 30-45 minutes I just flat out lost interest and didn't enjoy at all. I'm all for giving movies a chance and respect when it's due but I just cannot co-sign this as being any more than a one-time, "I'm bored and there ain't shit else to do" type of movie. It was a great idea and plot but I just don't think it was as good as it could have been. I'm hoping Machete will be entertaining.
  19. Pusha T - Bidding War Pusha T - Dear Beloved http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDMVYQm8vzw Pusha T is dropping a mixtape and then a solo album. I think Kanye and Neptunes on prodo. The mixtape its self is going to be better than most niggas albums. The album is going to be a fucking certified, classic banger that people will be raving about 10 years from now I guarantee it. People sleep on exactly how disgusting Clipse is and how strong of an emcee Pusha is. They take street shit and infuse it perfectly with good lyrics. They are GREAT at picking beats, which a lot of good emcees fail at causing me to not bump their shit. Both of their flows/style is just sick, especially Pusha. The whole aura surrounding them is raw. TLDR: Pusha T is dropping nasty solo shit that's going to blow your fucking mind when it drops.
  20. I'm not sure if I've ever posted this but here is a 100% Full Proof Method To End Hiccups You got the hiccups? Are they annoying the FUCK out of you? Are you at home? Do you have peanut butter? Get a giant spoonfull of PB, eat that shit and VOILA HICCUPS GONE. This has worked every time I've ever had hiccups in my entire life and had access to PB. My grandmother taught me it when I was like 5 and I swear old people are fucking SICK at remedies.
  21. Ah ok hmm - is Pit of Zombies an alias for an older oontzer or he's just a newjack? For some reason I can't remember any interaction with em. I have to admit, I haven't been around my favorite forum very much in the past 6 months or so since building a business and I'm a bit out of the loop. That's fucking LOLZ that Vaj has struck again - why the fuck do you nurgas feed the dick troll?
  22. I used to pickup bud from a thugged out midget here in Philly. We were introduced through a mutual contact and when he was telling me about this dude being a midget I didn't believe him or figured he was just real short. Well, sure enough the first time we meet up, my back door opens and in hops a certified fucking midget with a big long white-t and diamond chains. In my mind I was fucking dying of laughter. This dude had like a laundry list of shit for sale and a gun in his waist. It was one of the most amusing things I've ever seen.
  23. I forgot to look for a response in the last thread I asked. Who the fuck is POZ?
  24. Haha, I guess that's what happens. I'm working full time, as well as building a business, so between them I'm left with maybe 3 hours of sleep each night. I definitely feel loopy as fuck and that reminds me I should go get some rest.
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