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  1. Haha nah I was just curious as to what happened to this place in the past year or so that I haven't been around much. Obviously a post such as the one I made invites haters and I knew that from the jump, but it seems to have brought NOTHING BUT haters with >2005 reg dates so it seems to me that 12oz is deaded. Anyone hating on me has no reason other than that they are pissed off little kids, hate their lives, envy the fact that I have enough clout to ask niggas for a few bucks OR are junkies and can't get clean and are jealous of a motherfucker doing good. Shits LOLs though. I mean, I can't think of a better reason to need help than running out of medication but maybe I'm one of those weird people who uses "logic." Yahmean? :D
  2. Whens DAO ever popped shit with me? If he wanted to I'm sure he isn't more than a stones throw from me so we can do that but I doubt he'd talk shit about a fellow Philly native. You're definitely new, because anyone who has love for 12oz and the way it used to be wouldn't come at a good dude like myself for no reason. You are filled with hate and your life must really be grand. :rolleyes:
  3. This is what I'm talking about. Who is this faggot? You must not know who I am or the legacy of funk that precedes me.
  4. Any Members* Dude I don't want your money noob, it isn't needed anymore. I am however pretty insulted at how many 15 year olds are running around here.
  5. LOL where's all the treal cats at? Theo? Pffft? Suki? Shai? I haven't been around lately but 12oz's dick appears to be in the dirt. :confused:
  6. I'd maybe let that bitch eat my asshole if I felt like degrading someone but other than that she's nasty and I wouldn't risk getting drippy dickie or aids over someone busted.
  7. Since when can you get knocked at FDR? I haven't been there in about a year but I used to go down whenever they re-painted everything and walk around smoking els and hitting hands with madd jakes driving around that never said shit to me? I thought you were allowed to rape that place.
  8. I had a whole bunch of fucked up shit happen to me lately and I've realized that even though I wasn't necessarily doing anything wrong, there are still a number of things I need/ed to wrap my mind around in order to make it to where I want to be, so the god of space and science that lives within my soul arranged some foul shit to happen that I'd ultimately be thankful for. My advice is to zero-in on any faults, bad habits, etc that might be blocking you from being in the situation you'd most hope to be in and work on changing/deading/reversing them shits. I have and I'm starting to see the light once again. It's a constant up-hill battle for some cats no matter how much we accomplish or where we're at, everything is always in jeopardy and will start falling apart if we stray from the path.
  9. Marshall's out my way is fuckin'BUMPIN when it comes to Polo and other fly gear. My best find was a fucking top quality, one of a kind Coogi hoodie that had a $350 price tag and was priced there for $80. I've never had a hoodie that fit like this it's almost tailor made the way it feels and it's thick as fuck - feels like I'm rocking a warm ass Carhart joint. The more I've rocked it, the more I'm certain it's my all-time favorite hoodie. And it's arguably one of the most well-made articles of clothing I've ever owned. I think I got it like 4 years ago and been steady rockin' it since with no wear and tear whatsoever.
  10. I interpreted it as saying the world is overrun by faggotry, but who knows how it was intended.
  11. To scoop black chicks just get a late year luxury vehicle. All I ever had to do was drive around on the dolo like 5, 6 o'clock when they walking home from work and ask em if they want a ride. Worked every time. :D
  12. There's always been a subculture of gangster skaters and bikers here in Philly. Kickflips and Pistol Whips nurga, chyea.
  13. Please ban this faggot. Not only do we NOT want to click on your pics to see them, but we def don't want to be hit with porn popups. Do you really make that much money from doing that? It can't be more than a quarter of a cent per click. :rolleyes:
  14. Hahaha my man Saveyuh with the Home Alone punch
  15. I'd rather jerk off with a sandpaper glove while simultaneously injecting hydrochloric acid into my eyeball while being pulled down the highway butt-naked at 100 MPH with a rope tied to my ballsack.
  16. Sheen must have read my memoirs.
  17. Pretty disappointed besides for "What It Is." What's up with the fucking boo-lovin' beats and hooks? If you want to dedicate something to the fans then get Premier and Vinny Idol to supply some shit that knocks and go in a little harder. Pshh :rolleyes:
  18. I don't get it from watching the clip. So they just follow around an annoying motherfucker who got permanently dusted and shops at Goodwill? How much funnier is the whole movie?
  19. I totally forgot about that motherfucker - he was like my arch nemesis in the early years. Anyone know what happened to Fantom? He had this asian wifey who hit me up and dropped me his contact info once but I was kind of fucked up in the game at that point in time and probably nodded out before completely forgetting about it. He was in the Army or Marines last I talked to him - was going to send him some CDs full of teh hiphopsz but... :(
  20. Age 6 - Pack of crackers from gas station Age 8/9 - Busted 3 times out of 19 or 20 thefts involving various toys and items of interest at various stores while shopping with parents or other supervisor. Age 11 - Stealing madd chromies. Racking Zippos and other shit from Spencer's Gifts in the mall, racking zippos from Rite Aid and CVS. Age 13 to 19 - Stealing big ticket items, pharmaceuticals/narcotics, money, valuables, whatever the fuck I wanted. Age 20 to now - Stealing shit is bad karma and negative energy which I've already paid enough for, so I keep it thorough and don't steal shit anymore. I also would feel like a peasant doing that, so instead I seek my own fortune legitimately through brainpower and determination.
  21. Ghost must have quit smoking dust blunts and focused like a motherfucker because this shit is a BANGER. I'll need to bump it another 10 or 15 times to decide but this is a contender for best album he ever made. I've never seen his lyrics/flow on this high of a level. The beats/production are funky as hell and a breath of fresh air. Lastly, the guest artist lineup is like a who's who of deadly emcees still rocking in 2010/2011 - Black Thought, Sheek, Busta, Ortiz, and heaps of others. This is my fave song as of now featuring Black Thought. Don't turn it off, the beginning only lasts for 10-15 seconds then the beat drops and force fucks your auditory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33_jxz2vEE0 Go here and then click "continue to Rapidshare"
  22. I can't remember what I got but it's definitely a trip seeing shit that was posted so long ago. 12oz is like a little time capsule =)
  23. This shit happened to me once, sans handcuffs thank god. I had picked up a rack of Roxi 30s and was trying to unload them shits, so naturally I shot out texts to people in my phone. Well this chick hit me back and said she wanted some. It sounded like the "real" her AND she asked me to come to the same town the bitch I thought it was lived in. So I get down there and being the cautious motherfucker that I am, I park 2 blocks away and leave the shit in my trunk. I go near where she wanted to link up and don't see her. I call and at this point in time I realize something fishy is going on and I see a cop start patrolling so I was like FUCK THIS and biddounced. Then they start saying shit like "oh my god it was so funny watching you just walk around har har har!" And then they tried to say something about reporting me to the police if I hit them up again. I ended up getting a hold of the chick, who I know very well and WOULDN'T have fucked with me and she said she got a new number like 4 months prior. So I don't know how someone in the same exact area of town got the number, maybe the phone company is cheap like that and doesn't cycle them well but that could have ended very bad for me had I not been what people refer to as "paranoid" and what I refer to as "cautious."
  24. Old heads definitely aren't always innocent. I witnessed a 70 year old man get gripped up and escorted out of the poker room at the Taj the other day because he was raising hell with the table of players and talking all this nonsensical bullshit. But if they are weak and senile, I wouldn't hit them even if they tried to hit me because shit like this happens and the motherfucker ends up having a heart attack or choking on some dentures then they aren't alive to corroborate the story and you end up sitting in the bing while someone else takes your job and fucks your girl.
  25. My birthday was on the 10th. I'm now hijacking this and re-purposing it as a Happy Birthday Gucci thread! If anyone is feeling generous, I'll take a couple of these in various colors. =)
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