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  1. Just now, GucciCondom said:

    Is our mero the same one with a TV show now ??? 

    Btw I can't see the flix but I still have a coogi hoodie with my tag on the back 

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  2. Where the fuck are all the posts? In BrickSlayers? It used to update rapidly by the minute, now some.of the main threads dont even get got more than once a week. The only conclusion.is IG must have gutted the community, it is pretty perfect for graff.. Well waddup, whos still around? Im chilling, raping the streets of philly when I can and pushing my new blood mop paint called GORESPLATTER.. O.G's holla at me for a hefty discount.







  3. Or everyone thought that asking for money for opiates was silly. especially those of us who remember your "im hella balling" threads and your "i eat hella opiates and i don't have a problem" posts.


    And dao was the one who called you out and said he told you not to fuck with them in your crybaby thread. But maybe you were just clicking refresh on your paypal balance





    Or maybe I didn't read any of it. LOL...


    You must have me confused with someone who needs to fit in. I'm not here to gain approval or spend 10 pages trying to educate trustfund kids about drug addiction. I made a post asking anyone who might have a few extra bucks and might be looking for some good karma, to help me out. People send money to "starving kids" when it's actually going into the pockets of rich people, so why not help someone directly in your own country in your own community right in front of you? The fact is I'm a good person who was in a tight spot and as the minutes ticked away I decided to do the last thing I could think of, short of robbery. To the contrary of your beliefs, this medication saved my life and I've been clean for 3 years and never needed SHIT from ANYONE until this one little speed bump and the only reason I asked for a hand out was because I needed the money BY THE NEXT DAY.


    So it's whatever. It's done with, someone helped me out and moving forward the manufacturer is paying for my meds for a year, so I'm in the clear because I have good karma and shit works out for good people. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to be within 200 feet of you when the bad karma from what you tried to pull here comes back at you because that shit will be UGLY.


    I hope one day you can reach a level of spiritual enlightenment that will allow you do disperse some of that hate you hold so dear to your soul and not look like such an asshole.


    Either way, I'm up, you're down, and pieces of shit like you finish last so good day sir. :cool:

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    Me, WHO?, WHO?, WHO? This place is alien to me now. I'm audi 5 thou' on this shit. PM me if you want to get in touch. And if anyone's seen my man Fantom tell him to hit me up. Later

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