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ryan or die

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  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryan_or_die bunch of random shit here
  2. Re: my Ouija board scares me... barely illegal.
  3. Re: my Ouija board scares me... word to connectors of the skull rainbow joint, anyone, anyone? that abis piece was hot to jeff too.
  4. Re: my Ouija board scares me... damn, that background looks gay as 8 dudes fucking 9 other dudes. :wink2:
  5. frosty nigga, spoon. we fuck dwarves in the ass. clack clack!
  6. ryan or die


    seen kuma tags in nassau, dude is cruisin! say word
  7. Re: my Ouija board scares me... ouija will shit in your mouth, throw a cherry on there, and call it a sundae.
  8. Re: my Ouija board scares me... braggart
  9. i hate shit talking, but i love irony. irony is: the "New" Era straight recycling shit without a filter. whats "new" or has ever been "new" about any of yous's stuff ? to whoever painted those characters, seriously. they're straight casper rip offs painted really awkwardly. theres one character in particular that he painted at arch st back in the day that strangely enough had the identical posture... yours guyses letters are a whole nother can of worms. you guys not consider it biting if you go back X # of years?
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