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  1. hot shit astism, just when i thought this thread was dead...
  2. Awesome work both you, Hecz i really your own style with 3-D's although i liked it better before you colored it, still dope. Face concentrated more on the letters and i think that his overall better, looking forward to seeing more of this thread great work guys
  3. if your looking for markers, go prismacolor acohol markers. prismas are the markers that "come out so clean." look in your phone book for a local art supplies store and they should have some, they go for about $3 a pop, so do what most people do and rack them
  4. ~-5°²-~

    The 3D pages.

    DAMN all this shit is hot, i was going to post some of my stuff but it cant fucking compare... keep postin
  5. ~-5°²-~

    The 3D pages.

    Re: The thread is looking good so far. OH! now i see it!:lol: :lol:
  6. i Seriously doubt you will beat my head in, you have no idea who i am, and you will not find out, you do your piece on whatever wall you want, and i do mine where i want, no contact, just take the pic and post. we let the nuetral people decide whos is best. If you want to battle for cans, im up for that too tell me what you think...
  7. hey hovie, that stuff isnt too bad, i like the top style on the third pic. mess around with 3-d's and just try different stuff, practice is the best teacher.
  8. just some quick simple letters..
  9. ~-5°²-~

    The 3D pages.

    hey dont get me wrong, i think its dope, i just dont see the "noum" in it. its still fucking bad ass!
  10. ~-5°²-~

    The 3D pages.

    Just trying to help this thread along.... nice shit noum, turn your stuff into letters and it will be off the hook! Kise... http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00366660f00000003.jpg'> again http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00366660f00000005.jpg'> get some more shit up here everyone....
  11. sik i am not going to waste my time to email you when we have a thread right here. this thread is nothing but you talking shit. so just use it to talk, i'm writing kise right now i will have a piece up by this friday. ill post skecth then post the actual wall, do the same if your up for it, then maybe you will settle your shit talking down. respond to this.
  12. Hey sIK i have got an idea, if your listening i say we battle, no point in keeping this thread alive to shit talk. i say we post a sketch, go to any wall you want and then post the finished piece. You say i know nothing about graffiti, yet you havent seen any of my stuff. reply if you up for it.
  13. knowing how many people are in ACK has nothing to do about what i know about graffiti, and if there are 9 people, name them apparently they dont get out because the only people i see from ack is you and that fool cens. Even if you had a big crew it doesnt mean shit, if they cant paint, or get out. you have no skill.
  14. that shits got flow blood, keep'um comin
  15. THIS THREAD IS FUCKING STUPID! get rid of this thread, nobody wants to read a fucking thread about gay ACK which has like 1 person in it
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