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  1. 'the graffiti is quite artistic and is not offensive' fancy them saying that. :D
  2. www.bombtheworld.net paint trains online check
  3. im amazed by the feedback, thanks ever so much b0b. if i didnt like graffiti, i would not have taken an eye for it, or think about it as much as i do...its just i sometimes dont understand why i cant apprecaite every aspect of it like you all can. i have even been sketching for over like 3 years now and still cannot decide on a tag that i like! :confused: indecicive me.
  4. very true. i think i just still try to have respect for people at the same time, which probably sounds crazy when graff is basically rebelling and shit. gone a bit deep into it me thinks..
  5. i appreciate your feedback b0b. im not an active writer, like some ppl here, just observing and shit. and no, im no pig either. but an ouuta londoner like me comes to london thinking i should spot a few nice panels running, but didnt really which is very understandable i know. thats not my point, really. i was just amazed with how fucking shite the commuters looked, which the scratches, etc. for me, i dont even think thats graffiti. its ugly looking shit. i couldnt even look out the window properly to see the graff on the tracks cause of that shit. i dunno why i just hate that....so i was just sitting there thinking hold on, this is why btp really wanna crack down on getting u boys. whats more appealing: a nice colourful panel or a window full of fucking shite scratches? just rambling on now, sorry. 'pussy' boy me needs to learn the full 'rules' behind graff. but b0b, i didnt really see how your comment was realating to what i said first.......sorry :crazy: anyway delete this if you want, just me rambling turning wierd. plus i bet i sound very young to all of yall. i'll quit now, this forum is for pics anyway......cuss if you want to, im kinda expecting it.
  6. messy tags around it man, kinda ruins it a bit dont u think?
  7. was in london today, no wonder btp wanna crack down on writers, commuters completely fucked over with scratches and messy insides......sorry if that sounds 'pussy' to you boys but if there were less of that and more nice panles being produced then maybe they would not care as much? i dunno. i guess i cant talk, outta londoner. never mind ignore this me just thinking out loud
  8. yes some of oi are based sw.....and im sure there is a 'toes' panel on the first carridge, looks similar to the el mira panel?..
  9. Re: mime dw http://www.elimin8.net/12oz/j4j3e_killer1111.JPG'> yeah thats an oi train mainly, el mira panel is fresh and i expect toe is on there somewhere..
  10. Re: honet sdk in Bucharest/Romania. what paint are the wufc/sdk lot using???
  11. u besta not be talking bout the alie i know
  12. the fuck?? i know a writer known as alie. down south coast...:confused:
  13. Re: Re: Re: another commissioned wholecar... man i totally prefer the DBS stuff to the NT stuff now. anyone agree? :confused:
  14. [to get shit rolling on that police train would be the fucking dogs bollocks! :D :king:
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