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  1. "Type Here Posted Today, 08:34 PM 132 just because chizl has a different style and just not plane boring london style doesnt mean you have the right to say that he is shit! " This has got nothing to do with being from london or not,style is important london is only part of an enormous now worldwide game so that would be silly. And what gives you the right to say that that is good. If you look at that dub i find it very hard to see any Funk. It cant be compared with london or new york...looks more like a euro thing to me and i have seen much betta euro style work than that
  2. well every one thinks mr chizil cbm is the shizzle i think its fucking awful. His handstyle is WACK and that new red south western thing is disgusting. Got to be one of the most unattractive outlines ive eva seen. Its one big mess of badly controlled paint spray I aint really a euro fan but lines need to be drawn somewhere. Also what happened to the 'Cant Beat Me' days of mace and the britney devil now you got dokia and mr chizile :gaga: :gaga: Just my word tho
  3. Yer you can say that but they've come here and 4 painters that burn and they and havn't achived very good steel pieces and you would make even more of an effort surely for your foreign steel pics. Did the london yard atmosphere get to them :kissa: :kissa: :kissa:
  4. U lot are fucking worse than enders.always tryin to make out like paint on a wall is so serious and important to your lives sort it out, its one big fucking laugh. And thats what TM are doing, fucking laughing :haha: :haha: And all this NY talk is all bollocks as well. All it comes dwn to is paint and a wall, will i dog him wont i dog him...will it make me laugh. And what the fuck has beef in london in 05 got to do with new york in 82. GRAFF REALLY AINT THAT DEEP Oh and Goks has a new face
  5. will get back to u in 2005 for some recommendations....
  6. shit nufing to do with graff but.........just come back from a night out in nottingham club ocean or somfing not to good but............................Fuck you lot got some fucking top totti runnin round..Bigup
  7. please...... like theres going to be a graff scene on a tourist island
  8. ''So please tell us what this has to do with TPG...'' Sort it out u muppets :huh: :huh:
  9. Good work man i like it....post some more if ure doing what ure saying u should get a good mark to. good research, better than taking fliks from net keep going, find some better handstyles though lol
  10. 132

    On my travels

    yeah that pils bomin n a few dubbs out in a field by the airport did u paint when u was in birmingham Quoted post [/b] nar not yet!! ;)
  11. 132

    On my travels

    Alright maybe u aint but safe aniway!!
  12. 132

    On my travels

    Yo bob you no anione up in tha midlands or anifing!!! Loco you must sumfing ure from midlands init??? Quite a bit of cosa up in birmingham and sum old fig diet bosh boms and randomly sum pils dpm shit in the middle of a field!!!
  13. 132

    On my travels

    Does any one know of a paint shop or anything up near or in Birmingham???? Someone help please!!!
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