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  1. damn. minnespolis is definitely an underrated city. i was only there for a matter of hours and there was so much i wanted to see.
  2. dos, the one i skated in nevada was right by a mcdonald's. it had a pool with a waterfall and it was all concrete. fenced in. even had a concrete wedge ramp
  3. thanks theo! i was thnking of things really close to highway 80, but i'll keep those in mind
  4. right on perfect. on the way out my friend and i skated some really shitty park in a small nevada town right off the highway. the park sucked but it was a nice break from all the boring driving.
  5. hmmmmmmmm the longest part of the drive will be in nevada and utah. i drove here (cali) last summer. same route but stipped in minneapolis and north dakota too
  6. 3 out of the 4 girls i have had sex with i have never used protection. they were either on birth control or i pulled out. i wouldnt reccomend the pulling out method though... cause i really do not want children. fuck that. if you're fucking chicks at a party... you better wrap it up like a mummy
  7. that photo was tasteless and stupid. only an american soldier..
  8. i am moving back to louisville ky from santa cruz ca. the target date to leave is may the 20th. i will be taking highway 80 most of the way there, stopping whenever seems best to go skate parks or take pictures. if you have any suggestions of places to stop on the way.. please post! skateparks off highway 80 especially. i'll be driving solo and cool stops would probably be nice. we'll see.. thanks! http://www.valdosta.edu/~trmegow/blocparty/randumbs/backmap.gif'>
  9. agreed wholeheartedly. it's always the dumbest people having babies early too.
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