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King Cobra

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  1. Handle it like any other graf lifer would willy, slap himand run him off the isle
  2. You get beat in our yard if u leave cans or anything, keep your spot clean.
  3. were hard we roll deep and we roll with peices. extra cool tbk.
  4. Who cares if biter thinks his shit is hot or not. thats up to him besides Natrl hacks his shit anyways so when it rolls in to the bay i don't have to see his ugly fills, Biter you are right your better then 90% of the people on here me being in that 90% group but still natrl owns you and always will so in the mean while... go submit some more shit to clout bitch.
  5. MAKES ME KINDA sad to see that nace peice un finished :(
  6. Yep all bordens pretty much. Icy grape and jungle green of course school bus yellow moss green if anyone gots bordens for sale/trade email me grafflifer@hotmail.com
  7. Time to get over nickatina dont you think so mr. areso?
  8. Beats the only sf writer i can stand, well 10fold also :) post 10fold flicks if u got em
  9. Hey biter i like how you put natrl up in your thread, funny being how he hacks your shit when it rolls in up here.
  10. i needs ta know so i can call the cops on y'all for paintin up my vine hill mansion wall.
  11. Natrl Begr Biter that biter is more sexy then my gandma, if i wasent related to her i mean.
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