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  1. KES23


    arek is ill and thats a fact...and those cartoons are amazing...lol
  2. "when were done here...yall be wearin gold plated diapers." "what does that mean?" "neva question bruce dickenson."
  3. KES23

    Tools of the trade

    i got this paint that i wanna use...but i havent figured out how to build a good mop that paint will work in...any ideas? i dont really wanna buy anything...i wanna make my own....but if anyone has ideas....it would be chill as fuck if you let me in on em....
  4. KES23


    can you even consider this graf? its like gay sprite wallpaper. soon bob veilla will be out there wallpapering shit up.... 1.) fuck sprite, drink pepsi 2.) this isnt even creative at all 3.) if its covering real graf...then they should be torn the fuck down
  5. euro graf gives me a stomach ache....
  6. when you guys trade....how much do you send each other? i dont wanna jip someone if they send me alot more then i sent them...lol
  7. sidebusting a wall is one thing...but if something doesnt fill a whole car...then i think that it should be clear room to paint..no bullshit....just as long as you make it pretty and dont overlap....nice post
  8. when it come to boarding mr. peanut does sick bomb drops offa high shit... that stie in cursive is so fucking nice and so fucking clean....
  9. well..there is always gonna be someone lookin for beef...but you should be able to back it up with skills....ntel...what he paints sometimes is pretty cool...but that shit right there is just nasty....
  10. i thought SMT was gettin toyed everywhere...they still have alot of spots up that i know of....
  11. couldnt tell ya..i def was diggin the night dogs over that ntel
  12. KES23

    femmes only

    that shit is pretty dope..i like it...yeah the tag is lacking...but practice makes perfect..:)
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