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  1. Re: DEF THREATS!!! :scrambled: <----- look at this guy go!
  2. You got the other half of this train yo?
  3. these guys right here! it looks like you are in a gang because yall are matching.
  4. this is a nice surprise!
  5. you really need to bring back the rabbits with uzis!!
  6. kowerdup


    Better late than never. R.I.P. S A C E. It was a pleasure to have known you.
  7. that shit is not gay at all yanoe...
  8. 106 degrees outside.
  9. vietnamese sandwiches and huffing
  10. hey yo! hey it's kaze....i just wanted to say what's up i havent seen or heard from you guys in a long time....anywhooooooooo....holler at yer boy......seriously though....Dodge The Sherrif
  11. since emailing didn't work i guess this is the next best thing........
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