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  1. Teh0wnz


  2. breakfast was frosted miniwheats and just now I ate a corndog.......gggggg.....
  3. Haha. I take my bike for an occassional ride every now and then. I need to get someone to build dirt jumps around here.:D
  4. see, I've done stuff like this... but what's the thought process that goes through someone's head to fill the bowl half way and then get another box out of different cereal.... I mean, what causes someone to think to do that... oh well. I ate some spaghetti, and some grilled chicken.... and just now I drank some coke and ate a couple doughnut hol3s.
  5. http://www.slow4cyl.org/e107_images/emoticons/ok.gif'>
  6. Bacon cheddar arby's melt and a big glass of sunny d's NTUSSSSW but yeah, that fake orange juice is goooooooood.
  7. Awesome.... Leo's always have the awesome horoscopes. Thanks Mental Invalid.
  8. Solutions: Mach III Hair Bleach (?) Certo for the urine. :) Oh God, where did I learn this kind of stuff, I'm an idiot.
  9. ^^ Hey you can't just pop up here after being away for so long, you registered in 2001. Geez man, let it go. :cough: kjkhjkhkjh
  10. I've had warrants lifted before, but that takes resources that I don't have in my confines at the moment... ideally that is the way to go, I think. Oh, and Kilo..... I meant, I'm gonna be going on "vacation". But yeah I know what you're saying about how it would suck if you got a run in with the fun police when you were doing something that you didn't want to be interrupted doing, especially flexing, breaking, bending, the written law.
  11. Yeah, I'm gonna go on vacation here in a couple hours. I'd probably be alot more reluctant if it was anything more than $500 and I didn't get trustee. Hey jail is high class.;)
  12. How many of you, tell the truth, have turned yourself in because you had warrants before? Or are you one of those ones that waits for them to get to your front door, or run your ID on a traffic stop? I've got a $250 one that I'm gonna go sit out here in a while, yes that's right I'm gonna "voluntarily" go to jail. Or are you one of those bad asses that doesn't ever get caught doing anything wrong except for in the eyes of The Mast0r. Option #F - you just have lots of money and you pay for warrants and tickets when you get them? (I know this is a touchy subject, and the first person/mod that get's off track in this thread, that includes anything except for relevant replies, loses.)
  13. Teh0wnz

    Doom III

    I'll be out doom3'ing your girlfriend.
  14. Teh0wnz

    Doom III

    That's funny because when I was listening to the intro music, I actually thought to myself that it sounded like Tool.... I know for a fact that one of Trent Reznor's sound engie's helped with alot of music and sfx in the game. Oh, and Mispantelones, you don't want the beta it's gonna fux0r your computer because it's not complete and it's set only to be on ULTRA quality setting....
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