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  1. nice one.. the Genitian Violet i have has a label on the front 'Methyl Violet'.. same thing? what i've read about it seems to match, slight greenish tint etc..but just making sure before incase i fuck up some needed garvey..
  2. i dont see the need for that many pens.. a couple pens, varying colours of ink should be plenty
  3. fuckinggg fresh page. yuki letters are amazing, as are scroez. feeling that one next to the woman with half pen half pencil face, along with many others. and nice progression just! bump!!!!
  4. Yellow Feets, i have you on my buddy list on aim od0s? pg?
  5. ader47

    uk wall flixs

    i thought exactly the same
  6. ader47

    On my travels

    piked off southlondon loonies http://img77.photobucket.com/albums/v233/rodeo9094/holdakel.jpg'>
  7. ader47

    On my travels

    :lol: feeling that zims
  8. -flaunts garvey- and yeah - nero and garvey is nice, veeery nice. no one have any info on the additives & garvey in my previous post?
  9. i had my pen juiced up with some violet garvey and inferno and apparently the stains it left were alot harsher than that of straight garvey on plastic. and it still stained metal nicely. maybe not AS much as straight, but it'll do for me anyday. anyway, im pretty sure i know the answer.. but, i picked up various additives the other day (methylene blue, violet) and was wondering if anyone had any insight on adding them to garvey and/or inferno? ie, better stain etc. i ask because i've only read adding them with corio.. cheers & rubbish i agree, but that electric violet garvey ha
  10. ader47

    On my travels

    not feeling zims handstyles but everything else is nice got up alot as of late heavy update by the way:D
  11. i was thinking of dropping in on the festival but decided against it and went to a few pubs. i know people who went though..said it was pretty good
  12. sneak what colour nero was that?
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