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dr. skipper

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  1. dr. skipper


    "the name papoose i keep it gully, i think niggas should die for wearin their fitteds funny"
  2. hell yeah, joe beats puts out some heat
  3. at first sage francis was alright. but then he started dissing many legends in the rap game (jay z, raekwon, etc) which wasnt at all cool. Especially since he disses these rappers primarily for the fact that they worship the almighty dollar and acts as if these rappers are ruining hip hop. Funny thing is,money has and always will be a huge part of hip hop. look at the cover of eric b and rakims classic album "paid in full", shit was all about showing off money stacks and wearing gold ropes. So basically, sage francis is really taking an outsiders look onto hip hop as a whole. I mean hes kinda like a punk kid rapping about why he hates rap music. thats why its fitting hes on epitaph. sage francis is a joke, for real. a joke that white kids seem to love though
  4. dr. skipper


    someone knows whats really good. papoose, hell rell, jr writer, jmills, murda mook, juelz, etc
  5. dr. skipper


    yeah, papoose aka the problem is taking over the game! this cats loose, ayo whathufuck is a papoose
  6. dr. skipper


    you guys are tripping, 300 bars is the hottest shit to hit mixtapes for a minute! Seriously, game fucking rips 50, yayo, banks, buck, olivia, memph bleek, jayz, and all with style. if you guys aint feeling this track, what do you think is hot?
  7. i was a fan of 7Ls beats, but not esoteric by any means, he comes off poorly. luckily, vinnie paz, celph titled, and apathy all help make the lyrical part of this cd bearable
  8. ive always been dope, rocking bangers since day 1 motherfuckas!
  9. fuck yeah, i grew up on that street and since my uncle painted that mural, this shits especially nostalgic. its off 2nd street on pueblo solano
  10. these flicks are enchanted....i cant beleive i just said that
  11. a few dope bangers indeed. ONOROK GLUE SCAR1.0
  12. i like silvers because they are cheap. dollar silver and dollar black work well
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