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  1. Gliko

    Stupiid Car?

    Thats my main car right now.
  2. push-pops? and it seems to be lip balm.
  3. Bane is better than you'll ever be. And even though as horrible as Converge is lately, they're still roughly 62.4 times better than you.
  4. Gliko

    Fine Dark Art

    something like that. ...canadian. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/owned1.jpg'>
  5. Gliko

    Fear of Death

    Not believing in god is totally understandable, just the same as not believing in the tooth fairy or bugs bunny. But not believing in death is like dreaming of a flat world being the center of the universe.
  6. Gliko

    Fine Dark Art

    and for anyone who wants to know, ive stolen these from: www.opi8.com www.digitalapocalypse.com
  7. How many of you people are into this stuff? I'm a big fan of this semi-futuristic-digital-erotica-evil type stuff. Examples: http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/br_KISS_OF_THE_SPIDERWOMAN.jpg'> http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/BR_SOULTAKER.jpg'> http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/br_BIOCORPSE.jpg'> http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/051102_warmachine.jpg'> http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/br_FUCKTOY.jpg'> http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/buryingtheshadow_1.jpg'> http://www.digitalapocalypse.com/art/br_MOONCHILD.jpg'> http:
  8. Gliko

    Fear of Death

    So you don't believe in death? So when a person's bodily functions stop what happens? How many immortals do you know? Or are you on some reincarnation tip?
  9. i quit like 18 years ago.
  10. I feel compelled to make touch.
  11. Here's what I think. Ok stay with me. No flossing = bad teeth Bad teeth = English English = a Language Languages are spoken by people People = attractive and ugly Ugly People = 0 Attractive People = Popular Everyone wants to be popular.
  12. haha, well for one its because you're stalking me. And two it's because nehemiah is extremely sick.
  13. Gliko


    1. Saying yes could land you in a whole heap of trouble. I know I've gone to chinese restaurants and not wanting to be rude I would never say, "Excuse me, but what the fuck did you just say." I would normally sit back and say,"...uh yeah." And end up with either the worst tasting or overly spicy food I've ever eaten. 2. It's like one of those TV catch phrases. It's said, not really intending to be overly funny, but it catches on and just becomes used and used and used then finally over-used and it becomes archaic. 3. Of course weed smokers alternate their speech and cut out words, ho
  14. I thought linched meant to be hung.
  15. explain how that works.
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