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  1. geez, NZ's scene is really rocketing along. to think you could once keep up with the photo sessions, and now theres barely the time :crap:
  2. ......and what the?! ok, who in GBAK owns a boat.. nice work
  3. have a look at your own work blitz...these guys you run down and call toys. far surpass your tallent in skills and geting up...i sugest you leave it out bro....you ant the man. Quoted post [/b] true that^^^
  4. settle down there son, u'll be goin into cardiac fribulation soon. yes, thats true, knowledge is power, but when someone says that, don't bet your life on it. so just cos one book is an absolute A-Z of graffiti doesn't mean you follow it word for word. graff is not bound by dead certain rules, just a few common understandings and evolved principles. ;)
  5. new look site, huh. now it just looks like bombing science

    uk wall flixs

    glad someone said it. plastikote is actually more expensive than golds in NZ. thats weird.....selling shit paint for more:dazed:

    uk wall flixs

    farken eh, had no idea wales had any graff whatsoever, especially of that quality. some real dope stuff for an otherwise boring country. (no offense- just not my cup of tea if u catch my drift)
  8. in terms of the above, i think the net has had a negative on the graff on the whole, and as u say,kids come online and.............yea well u all catch my drift. it can't be said enough though

    uk wall flixs

    :lol: now THAT isn't something u see everyday. nice and a original:dazed:

    uk wall flixs

    speaking of which, what IS an aussie doing over here? just wonderin
  11. i cant be fucked scrapping over whos scene is better. i'd rather agree to disagree. i guess it all comes down to personal preference, so call me bias but im gonna stick with nz.
  12. without even thinking?! but u edited ur post. so why would they "burn" NZ. come on mate, support ur statement. and the funny thing is, u've heard of nesian mystik, yet i havn't heard of a single one of those above. plus wogs and white boys don't count. and u can't claim fame from any of the islanders, cos they're all from here.
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