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  1. there is this hot espo on these abandoned tracks too bad i never fliked it..will do tho
  2. i like that pink serif straight letter on grenwich st, by that school yard with all those huge old-school burners CEY, etc.....
  3. this really is the shitty part of new york, fuck the talk-post flicks or MAKE shit to take a flik of!
  4. if you all are mad about the lack of good pictures, then go the fuck out and paint! and make something nice so he can take a picture of it and put it into the magazine
  5. everybody knows sool and nac were grown out of a jar of gorilla juice, and have the ability to be everywhere at once -catching tags..
  6. DamnThatCow


    that girl doris got a nice throw up for a girl
  7. DamnThatCow


    that great bates is sooo fuckin ill..madd styles
  8. neckface just did the sickest shit but the lincoln tunnel...props
  9. rusto pineapple yellow's........full stock
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