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  1. yea n i know where you rich muthafukas live.go skate you fukin punks.ill see you stoner
  2. the tri state is a safari.where else do you go out side and see lions..wheres the tigers??
  3. cep147


    this is a brooklyn thread whyt yall talkin bout florida n shit.use should know u dont listnen to anything.i bet florida got a lot of hot shit in it.n not everywhere is gonna be bombed.in nyc there is graffiti on almost every building .u people see like 3 flix of a dead spot n use like damn these people are pussies they only do easy spots.use dont know what is goin on just becuz of some site.peopleoutside of the triboro see a thread like this,n some1 posts a flick of like 1 fillen they did n then out of towners like damn this must be the king of brooklyn.u wanna see sometin u go see it dont go look on a site. 1 luv for nyc,ct,n la....jerzee gets no luv from me.
  4. cep147


    lmafoo...i swear i was gonna say that.long island n upstate ny the best spots for rackin in ny since they got them shits locked in the city
  5. demer dont care bout wat use think.hes been writen before use were born.so use shouldnt talk shit.he just got that oldskool style.and wallnuts is a nice crew.so dont hate u jelouis children.thats like callin izthewiz toy or stayhigh 149..........
  6. some desa shit from my book i got more mta shit.....http://www.pbase.com/image/7695304]desa's girl[/url] desa desa'> http://www.pbase.com/image/14052374
  7. desa is a cool cat.i chilled wit him a few times.it sucks he doesnt paint anymore for the past 2 years.he slaps up stickers and does some tags but nottin serious.i got some desa n ve action flix.if i ever get a scanner ill post them.
  8. Re: Re: GESO i got it but its way too long to type.heres part of it lsd-when did u start your dedication to a life outside the law g-fuck,12 13 lsd-wat were u getting into then g-car theft,smoken cigarettes lsd-was it cigarettes that led u ashtray g-yea lsd-wat led from that to graff g-my freind was a thug and he did graff on the buses(in sf) seeing him do it got me into it.that was probably 93 94.i would just go along and watch but i was always scared to do it. lds-but u were stealing cars g-yea i wasnt into graff that much i wasnt into art .i got graff to be destructive.just being a little kid.i lived in a small town.wen i moved to san francisco...... its 4 long pages...and my comp is slwo
  9. lets see some flix already
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