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  1. damn pats commin up on some strong shit. really feeling that one
  2. what ever hapend to me winning that orbit battle from a few months back??
  3. yo blasph i do agree with you east bay about why exclude people ect ect but the only reason why i said what i said was to try to get him to stop arguing and prove a point. i never once said i wanted to exclude or not exclude people
  4. hahha that whole "sport" shit reminds me of the dane cook bit when hes ordering food and he gets in a fight with the cashier. "ok PAL"
  5. yo why fuel the fire. like i said before dude who cares. we wont know whos toy and whos not until its said and done so its w/e just cram it and let us be if you think its wack get the fuck out
  6. OKOKOK everyone in here needs to drop this no toys shot. eastbay stop fueling the fire and throwing more slander into it. who gives a flying fuck who enters these battles who bit who whos the best whos the worst ect ect, all i know is i have fun and its cool when you get votes even if you dont win bcz someone out there is feeling your shit one way or another. and on that note seeing how you think 75% of us are "toys" we still havent seen any of your shit or even get down on one of these things. all shit aside, this is something that will help you with your letters because as a writer, you normally write the same letter combination all the time, with new words and new letters it expands your horizon and gets you an all around feel for the alphabet. its called "good graff vocabulary" who gives a shit if its toy or not, it helps.
  7. directed towards me? thanks sevnth
  8. ahhh fuck it it didnt change size. well i tried haha
  9. yo tomber i re stiched it you might like this one better
  10. same with me i scan my shit but it never comes out looking legit, it always is different, my book looks way better
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