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  1. http://digital-dose.net/index_files/graff_files/writers/boo2.jpg'>
  2. post some more days, he and this dude hour came to nyc and really crushed it. lots of dudes out here complain and shiet, that they are out of state fags or wutever. but they are just jealous. days style is so fresh right now. goodness
  3. random encounters brought to you by: http://www.digital-dose.net/index_files/banner.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/7.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/5.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/4.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/3.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/2.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/10.jpg'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/1.JPG'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/8.JPG'> http://www.digital-dose.net/foto/11.JPG'>
  4. I picked it up the other day, if you are a def jux fan deffintly peep this dvd, it's quite interesting. Anyone else seen it? EL-P smacked some UK kid in the face while on stage, and hours of blunt cyhpering footage.
  5. You all should be shot dead for reading that vice piece of shit. They get off on knowing that young reblious hipster art fart fags believe and worship everything they write in that shiet.
  6. Thank You, I kinda lost you after number 5, my attention span isn't fully functionable. But if prolly was so true. I can relate to you 100% percent from what you just said. Only everyone thought the way we did.... only if..
  7. http://liquidcrack.net/sewblkbk8.jpg'> WICKEDNESS !!! where is this wall from I found it on liquidcrack.net, I think it's in NYC O yea and I didn't know wut thread to put it in, so i put it here. dumb
  8. The green guy is Scary Monster Face, sleep with one eye open at all times! he's gonna getcha, he's gonna getcha... muaHAhaHAhaHAh!
  9. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00344141f00000026.jpg'> whos is this?
  10. Where is this event held? US or another Country?
  11. ha, I used to be a dedicated hardcore fagblader for 6 years. I was sorta pro, went on tours and shiet. Kids can do amazing shiet sometimes, but most of the time it's corny. So I quit. I've always skateboarded though, not very good, but I love to ride around ollying over litttle things nad such. However there some sick skateboarders out there I can never fuck with.
  12. currently in heavy rotation: Disturbed - Liberate Disturbed - Down with the system Staind - So Far Away Cold - Stupid Girl
  13. Fat Tony: "You've stumbled upon our secret tabackky path" Carl: "Hey isn't that wacky tabbacky?" Fat Tony " The Wackiest"
  14. MOJO THE HELPER MONKEY. Marge Mojo Mojo Marge Marge: "I thought he was supposed to me a helper monkey and all does does is lay there stuggling to breathe." Bart: "Mom am I stupid" Marge:"Honey, I'd love to reassure you but right now mommy's gotta get a tetnis shot." :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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